The 12 Amazing Benefits of Playing Table Tennis

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Every sport needs physical demands which tune your health in a good shape. Table tennis is not an exception. But the benefits of playing table tennis are confined not only to physical health but also help to drain out your mental anxiety. Burning calories is one simple example of the good effects that ping pong can add to your life. 

There are numerous benefits of table tennis which are highlighted below to give you an insight into the worthiness of one of the most participated sports in the world.

Health Benefits of Table Tennis

Health benefit of table tennis

Here are some key health benefits you can experience by playing the fantastic game of Table Tennis.

1. Table Tennis Sharpens Brain

Brain development, one of the key benefits of table tennis

Mainly there are three attributes of table tennis i.e. speed, spin, and placement. While playing table tennis, you mainly deal with these three attributes. You can create puzzles and solve them with these attributes that can develop your mental acuity to the highest level. That’s why, in Japan, table tennis is the number one brain sport.

This fast-paced game helps to boost your alertness, concentration, awareness, and mental strength which aids your overall brain functioning.

2. A great remedy for Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s is a brain disorder disease in older ages. The common symptoms are forgetfulness, memory loss, poor judgment, and inability to track events. As table tennis is a strategic mind game, it stimulates brain growth to recover thinking power and attention. The next second after you hit the ball, you have to work out how the return is coming back to you. You may think of other sports like tennis, but the advantage is that you can play table tennis at any age, it is not age specific. Table tennis is not the ultimate solution to Alzheimer, but the real benefit of playing table tennis is that it can delay the effects and also may be a part of therapy to get quick recovery.

3. Table Tennis Develops Reflex

Development of reflex by playing table tennis

Table tennis is a fast game. As the ball travels within a short span of length, your reaction time is very less. So you have to react quickly to return the ball. In this process, your muscle movement develops, which eventually refines your reflex. The more you play, the more your reflex will develop.

4. It Develops Hand Eye Coordination

Coordination between hands and eyes

From tossing the ball to finishing a  point with a lethal loop, table tennis keeps your eyes and hands busy for every little second. The more you play, the more your reflex develops, and the better will be your hand-eye coordination.

5. Burning Calories

Weight loss results in numerous health benefits

The most obvious effect of calorie burning is that it helps to lose weight. Apart from weight loss, burning calories boosts heart health and improves strength. While playing table tennis, you burn calories to keep you physically fit. The information on fatsecret shows that for a 70 kg person, a one-hour ping pong play burns 294 calories. This is highly beneficial, especially for veterans.

6. Decision-Making Ability

The game of table tennis needs table sense, i.e. how to utilize the board to your favor. Which type of service should I start with? Which area should I attack, forehand or backhand? Should I go for a third-ball attack? You must be smart enough to make quick decisions for good results.

7. It Improves Flexibility

The footwork of table tennis involves more side-by-side movement compared to forward and backward movements. So a good table tennis player has to be flexible enough to prevent sliding on the floor.

8. Table Tennis Improves Balance

Improvement of body balance, one of the benefits of playing table tennis

You have to stay balanced, otherwise, you may suffer from injuries. In table tennis, you have to change your direction quickly, which will help you improve your balance.

9. Minimal Chances of Joint Injuries

In other sports, there is a high probability that you get an injury in joints in the ankle, knee, back, or other parts. But when you play table tennis, the probability of getting injuries in the joint significantly reduces. Table tennis may act as physical therapy for your joints while strengthening your arms and legs.

10. Mental Freshness

Ping pong, the best recreational sport, has a great role to keep you mentally fresh at the end of the day. After all-day hard office hours, a one-hour ping pong with your family members pumps up your energy to start the next day with a smiley note.

Social Benefits of Table Tennis

11. Social Bonding

Social communication with the engagement of ping pong

You can play Table Tennis irrespective of your age. A 10-year-old boy can play with a 60-year-old veteran and may learn the values of life. In a table tennis club, you meet people with different ideas, exchange views, make fun and build great social relationships.

12. Ping Pong Brings Colors to Your Life

Benefit of playing outdoor table tennis

Outdoor ping pong is a great source of entertainment. It can add colors to your weekend picnic party along with friends and relatives by sharing the excitement of this beautiful game.


These are some key benefits you can enjoy in the game of table tennis. Another noticeable fact is that you need not go outside. The set-up is very simple and affordable, only you need a table to taste the excitement of ping pong. You can also find it in schools, clubs, recreational centers, and even workplaces. The game does not demand physical involvement like in badminton or tennis. Even a 50+ veteran can opt for it as entertainment cum regular exercise. So if you want to bring colors to your life physically and mentally, go for it and enjoy the unlimited benefits of playing table tennis.

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