STIGA Advantage Indoor Table Tennis Table Review

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STIGA Advantage table tennis table, one of the most popular tables has an eye-catching rating (4.7 out of 5 among nearly 6000 ratings) on Amazon. Its huge popularity shows its dominance in the table tennis industry. If you want a table with a top-notch structure and great features but restrain yourself with moderate bounce (which I think is enough for home use), this STIGA Advantage is definitely for you.

STIGA Advantage indoor table tennis table


Play Dimensions108” L x 60” W x 30” H
(9 X 5 X 2.5 ft)
Storage Dimensions28” L x 60” W x 64” H
Playback Dimensions66” L x 60” W x 64” H
Tabletop Thickness16 mm (5/8″)
Tabletop MaterialMDF
Frame Thickness1.2″
Leg Size1.2″
Wheel Diameter3″
Weight195 lbs
Assembly Time10 minutes (95% preassembled)

Overview of STIGA Advantage Table Tennis Table

Table Thickness

The thickness is the most important factor in the selection of a table tennis table. The bounce that you get by hitting a ball over the table surface, depends on the thickness of the table. For the aspirants of table tennis, the minimum standard thickness should be 19 mm.

STIGA Advantage slightly lacks this aspect, With a table thickness of 16 mm (5/8 inches), it is ideal for amateurs who want to enjoy the excitement of ping pong. This engagement not only boosts their physical health but also keeps them mentally fresh throughout the day.

Quick Assembly for Set-Up

A ping pong table is not a small item. It not only has a high volume but also weighs extremely high. So it is a hectic task to assemble the different parts of a table. I had to hire one person to assemble my ping pong table and it almost took 2 hours.

In contrast, the assembly work of STIGA Advantage is a piece of cake. When you open the box, you will find that 95% of the fittings are assembled. Only you have to attach the legs by fixing some bolts and you are ready to play. It hardly takes 15 minutes to smell the beauty of your new ping pong table.

Sturdy Undercarriage

The legs and frame of STIGA Advantage are made with alloy steel. The use of alloy steel instead of aluminum increases the strength, stability, and durability of this table. The 30 mm (1.2 inches) legs are rectangular-shaped, giving more longevity and strength than round-shaped legs.

The levelers at the bottom of each leg keep your floor free from scratches and also help to adjust the height if needed.

Top Quality Steel Aprons

A 1.2” thick steel apron prevents the tabletop from sagging and keeps the playing surface flat for a consistent bounce for years to come.

Smooth Surface for Consistent Bounce

At first, the surface of the tabletop is painted by using an automated repeat roller coating process. Then Ultraviolet radiation cures the coating for a smooth, durable, and consistent playing surface. Finally, Silkscreen stripping gives the final touch for a smoother experience.

Easy to Handle and Store

Nested table halves for compact storage

This table consists of two halves with independent caster beams which can be separated at your will. This increases the portability of the table where it is easy to move each half rather than to move the entire table.

There is also one added advantage of being independent half. Each half can be nested together for an ultra-compact storage solution. You can also use the eight 3” caster wheels to roll the nested table to the location where you want to store it.

Great Safety Features

This STIGA Advantage is equipped with full of safety features. The eight caster wheels are lockable. This acts as a braking system at the time of play. There is also a spring-loaded safety latch system on the underside of each half. The purpose of the safety latch is to lock each half of the tabletop when it is in an upright position. This prevents reopening the table unexpectedly.

Solo Playback Mode

Solo playback mode of STIGA Advantage table tennis table

If you run short of a practice partner, you can use one half of the table to place vertically against another as a wall to rebound the ball. This feature of STIGA Advantage enables the solo playback mode which can be great for strengthening your basic technique.

72” Clip-on Net

Clip-on table tennis net of STIGA Advantage

This table comes with a 72” clip-on premium cotton-blend net with a spring-activated clip that helps to keep the net straight under tension.

This table from STIGA comes with three models.

  • STIGA Advantage
  • STIGA Advantage Pro
  • STIGA Advantage Lite

The features of the three models are the same except for the table thickness, wheel size, apron, and leg size.

STIGA Advantage Pro: Competition-ready Indoor Table Tennis Table 

STIGA Advantage pro is the top model among the three indoor table tennis tables with a slight up-gradation in certain features.

  • STIGA Advantage comes with a table thickness of 5/8 inches (16mm) which suffices the requirement of a casual player but does not match the competition’s standard tables. STIGA has compensated for this aspect by introducing the advanced Pro model with a table thickness of 3/4 inches (19 mm).
  • The weight of the STIGA Advantage Pro table is 211 pounds. To support the heavier load, it comes with 1.5 inches (38 mm) of sturdy legs.
  • To increase portability, this table comes with bigger 4” lockable caster wheels. 

STIGA Advantage Lite: Recreational Indoor Table Tennis Table

STIGA Advantage Lite is the cheapest model among the three and it is not at all recommended for serious learners. It is a recreational indoor ping pong table that only serves the purpose of making fun among friends and family members.

  • The table thickness of STIGA Advantage Lite is only 1/2 inch (12 mm) which never produces a good bounce. You can use this table only to enjoy the game of ping pong which has great benefits to keeping you physically fit by burning calories.
  • As the name suggests, it is the lightest among the three models. It weighed 145.5 lbs. To match the portability with the weight, the diameter of the caster wheels has been reduced to 2”.
  • To support the comparatively lighter tabletop, the size of the legs has been reduced to 1”.

STIGA Advantage Pro Vs STIGA Advantage Vs STIGA Advantage Lite

All the features of the three models are the same except the following mentioned in the table.

FeatureSTIGA Advantage ProSTIGA AdvantageSTIGA Advantage Lite
Table Thickness3/4 inches (19 mm)5/8 inches (16 mm)1/2 inch (12 mm)
Wheel Diameter4” (102 mm)3” (76 mm)2” (51 mm)
Leg Size1.5” (38 mm)1.2” (30 mm)1” (25 mm)
Weight211 lbs195 lbs145.5 lbs
Steel Tube Aprons1.5” (38 mm)1.2” (30 mm)0.75” (19 mm)

About STIGA Brand

STIGA SPORTS, a renowned name in the table tennis industry, has been producing quality products since 1944. It is one of the top manufacturers of table tennis tables in all variations, indoor, outdoor, and small tables.

If you check my review for the best ping pong tables, you will find the STIGA models featuring the top positions.

Wrapping Up

STIGA Advantage is widely tested and highly recommended as the best choice for a recreational ping pong table. It’s a quality table that is easy to set, easy to move around, great for safety, and requires a considerably small storage space. Moreover, the better thing is that you don’t have to spend much to bring this beauty into your home. STIGA also has kept the option of the Pro model to match your needs.

STIGA Advantage

The best ping pong table for the money

STIGA Advantage, a popular table tennis table, has a 16 mm MDF tabletop with good construction and operational facilities. It is the best choice for a good playing experience (mainly recreational) within a limited budget.

  • Good finish

  • Good for home use

  • Value for money

  • Suitable for recreation

If STIGA Advantage is not available in your area, JOOLA Inside is a good alternative with many similarities in constructional and operational features. Check my article, “JOOLA Inside Vs STIGA Advantage: Which is Better?” to find differences between the two most popular tables.


I am a table tennis enthusiast and with a playing experience of 20 years, I like to share what I have learned for the development of skills in the early stages and proper equipment reviews for the best outcome. For any queries, mail me at

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