STIGA Pro Carbon Vs Killerspin Jet 800: Which is Better?

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 “STIGA Pro Carbon Vs Killerspin Jet 800” is a widely debated comparison among table tennis lovers. Both are Shakehand-type aggressive rackets that are mainly designed for intermediate players. In terms of popularity, STIGA Pro Carbon tops the 1st position with a rating of nearly 3383 (4.6 out of 5) while Killerspin Jet 800 lies just behind with a rating close to 1357 (4.5 out of 5) on Amazon.

So which one is better? In this article, I will try to depict the nuts and bolts of “STIGA Pro Carbon Vs Killerspin Jet 800”, so that you can easily pick the right one according to your playing style.

STIGA Pro Carbon Vs Killerspin Jet 800: Comparative Analysis

The performance of a table tennis racket is evaluated both by blade and rubber properties. The combination of these properties results in three distinct attributes, speed, spin, and control which ultimately determine the class of a racket, which may be aggressive, allrounder, or defensive.

ItemsSTIGA Pro CarbonKillerspin Jet 800
Blade Comparison
Type of BladeOffensive, ShakehandOffensive, Shakehand
Composition7 layers composite
(5-ply wood + 2 layers carbon)
7 layers composite
(5-ply wood + 2 layers carbon)
Type of WoodBalsa
(Soft, porous, and springy)
Premium wood
(Combination of different wood layers)
Technology1. Carbon technology 
2. Balsa technology
3. Crystal technology
1. Dual carbon technology 
2. Premium wood for feeling and control
Rubber Comparison
RubberSTIGA S5Nitrx-4Z
Sponge Thickness2.0 mm2.1 mm
Sponge HardnessNot Known40 degree (Medium-Hard)
ITTF ApprovedYesYes
Technology1. Nano Composite Technology 
2. ACS technology 
1. High tension rubber
2. Grippy top sheet
Handle Comparison
Type of HandleFlaredFlared
TechnologySDT (Shock Dispersion Tube)Superior burnt wood handle
AttributesManufacturer’s rating
Speed: 99
Spin: 100
Control: 80
Manufacturer’s rating
Speed: 9.5/10
Spin: 9/10
Control: 8/10
Other Key Points
Other Features1. WRB technology for maximizing
the energy transfer
2. Rubber can be replaced
3. Weight: 185 grams
1. Wooden side tape
(Permanent in nature)
2. Rubber can be replaced
3. Weight: 190 grams
4. Warranty: 30 days
(Price on Amazon)
(Price on Amazon)

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STIGA Pro Carbon Vs Killerspin Jet 800

Construction of Stiga pro carbon table tennis racket
STIGA Pro Carbon construction
Construction of Killerspin jet 800 ping pong paddle
Killerspin Jet 800 construction

Blade Comparison

Both paddles consist of 7 layers (5W + 2C) of composite blades where carbon layers act as an outer surface over the 5-ply wood. The addition of carbon layers increases the rigidity over flexibility which hardens the outer surface for more power over an extended area which we refer to as the sweet spot.

The difference is the type of wood used. The Pro Carbon uses balsa wood as an inner blade material. Balsa wood is very soft in nature. It is also light, porous, and springy. Due to these characteristics, balsa wood is capable of generating a lot of spins. Topspin lovers would love this wood for generating heavy topspin.

Whereas the Jet 800 uses a blade that has premium wood as the inner material. This premium wood is the combination of several kinds of wood which in turn infused with carbon increases speed to a great extent.

Rubber Comparison

The Pro Carbon has 2.0 mm thick inverted (pips-in) type rubbers while the rubbers of Killerspin Jet 800 are 2.1 mm thick. Both rubbers, STIGA S5 and Nitrx-4Z have got approval from ITTF

STIGA uses two technologies in the chemistry of the S5 rubber, Nano Composite Technology, and ACS technology. Nano Composite technology tightens the bonds among the molecules in the rubber which increases the elasticity to a great extent resulting in high spin. ACS technology induces tiny air capsules in the sponge which drastically increases the elasticity and the sponge acts as a spring. During impact, the sponge stores more energy and releases the energy by springing off the ball with higher spin and speed.

Killerspin Jet 800 uses the concept of high-tension rubber where the top sheet is stretched to the thinnest possible before gluing with the sponge. Due to this, on impact, there is more transfer of energy from the top sheet to the sponge which results in high speed. Nitrx-4Z rubber is also very grippy in nature. On soft strokes, like during serve, it grips the ball and holds it for a longer time which leads to high spin.

Handle Comparison

Both rackets have the same flared-type handle which is the most comfortable grip for forehand dominant players.

STIGA uses the SDT (Shock Dispersion Tube) technology in the handle construction where a hollow metal rod runs through the handle. This hollow tube absorbs shock and vibrations and transfers them out in the form of energy.

Killerspin uses the concept of the burnt wood handle which gives you a superior grip regardless of your hand size.

STIGA Pro Carbon Vs Killerspin Jet 800: Performance

The Pro Carbon is equally good for speed and spin which is evident from the speed and spin ratings of 99 and 100 respectively which is excellent for heavy topspin play.

The Jet 800 has also similar characteristics but is heavier which can produce massive speed (Force = Mass x Velocity) and spin but lags slightly in terms of topspin play than the Pro carbon.

Being offensive paddles both are good in control with a rating of 8/10.

Price Comparison

In terms of price, the Pro Carbon is a clear winner. On Amazon, the STIGA Pro Carbon and Killerspin Jet 800 are priced at $69.99 and $80.76 respectively.

STIGA or Killerspin: Which Brand is Better?

As a manufacturer, both brands are reputed and trusted for the quality table tennis equipment they offer. While Sweden-based STIGA started its journey in the year 1944, Killerspin is a relatively new USA-based company that came into the picture in 2001.

STIGA Pro Carbon Vs Killerspin Jet 800: Which is a Better Paddle

Both the Pro Carbon and Jet 800 are very similar. They are aggressive in nature which can generate more speed and spin with some sacrifice in control and feeling. Both are designed to target intermediate club-level players.

But there are some differences between them, which will help you to choose the better one for you.

  1. If you are an aggressive player who prefers speed to dominate over your opponents, you may go for the Killerspin Jet 800. The lightning-fast paddle gives more speed than the Pro Carbon. The heavy racket will help you to induce more punch in your shots from mid-distance.
  2. If you prefer control-oriented aggression, STIGA Pro Carbon is the best choice for you. This offensive racket offers better control than the Jet 800 to give more consistency in your game.
  3. If you are a looping machine, the Pro Carbon is definitely a better option for you.
  4. The Jet 800 is a bit more offensive than the Pro Carbon racket. While STIGA Pro Carbon is a good option for advanced beginners and intermediate players, the choice of Killerspin Jet 800 should start from the intermediate level.
  5. STIGA Pro Carbon also has a Blue/Black color variant, which you may feel more attractive.

I have tried to highlight all the technical aspects to differentiate between the two highly rated paddles. If you have any questions, let me know in the comment box below.

Thank you for continuing till the end.

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