Andro Rasanter R47: Is The Cheaper Version of T05?

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Andro rasanter r47 table tennis rubber

Andro Rasanter R47 is an innovatively designed new generation ESN table tennis rubber to impart more speed and spin to the new 40+ plastic balls. In today’s aggressive table tennis, looping is the most dominant stroke, where this rubber stands out exceptionally. The R47 is also very good in many other areas like serving, blocking, and backhand flicking. If you are fond of the famous Tenergy 05, the Rasanter R47 can be your perfect alternative at almost 50% lower price.

Let’s see why this rubber is often called the cheaper version of Tenergy 05.


  • Type: Inverted
  • Sponge Hardness: Medium-hard (47°)
  • Speed: High
  • Spin: High
  • Control: Medium-high
  • Weight: Medium-heavy [68 grams (uncut)]
  • Throw Angle: Medium-high
  • Gear: Many gears
  • Durability: Above average

Technology Used

The main concept behind the design of the R47 is to maximize the sponge thickness to 2.3 mm, known as ‘Ultramax’. Andro has achieved this by making the top sheet thinner (due to the maximum limit of 4 mm thick rubbers laid down by ITTF). The effect of the thin top sheet and Andro’s unique green Ultramax sprong sounds great. Due to the thin top sheet, more sponge comes into action when the ball hits the rubber. During impact, the ball sinks deep into the sponge, and due to the deep penetration, the sponge absorbs more impact energy. The high-releasing energy comes as a springing action which results in defecting the ball with more spin and high bounce.

Overview of Andro Rasanter R47

Overview of andro rasanter r47 rubber

Andro releases the Rasanter series in two variants, ‘R’ for Rotation, and ‘V’ for Velocity. Also, the ‘R’ series has 7 variants, R53 (Sponge hardness 53°), R50 (Sponge hardness 50°), R48 (Sponge hardness 48°), R47 (Sponge hardness 47°), R45 (Sponge hardness 45°), R42 (Sponge hardness 42°), and R37 (Sponge hardness 37°). Though the Rasanter R47 is a medium-hard rubber with a sponge hardness of 47°, it actually feels relatively soft.

Rasanter        = Extra speed
R                      = Rotation
47                   = Sponge density

At the time when I am writing this review, I am using this ITTF-approved rubber on my Infinity VPS V. It’s a nice experience that I have jotted down in my review.


This is the area where this rubber excels. The ball follows a higher trajectory and dips into the table to build consistency in your attacking gameplay. You may be delighted by the amount of spin that this rubber can generate. Against backspin, it is easy to generate a lot of rotation. The thin topsheet and thick sponge theory work great as the ball digs more into the sponge for a massive spin. Also, the high dwell time helps you to work out your backhand flicks in a better way. The other thing that I really like is the feel of my shots. Though the R47 is not tacky, you can easily generate a good amount of spin in your soft strokes. The soft nature and the good grip help you deliver excellent spin in your short serve.


The high-medium hardness of the Rasanter R47 gives you access to high power and speed, which lags slightly behind if you compare it with the MX-P. But for intermediates and advanced players, it is good enough for aggressive play.


Being an offensive+ rubber, the R47 performs surprisingly well in the area of control. Blocking and pushing look very easy. The high dwell time of the soft rubber gives you the command for precise placement. The great catapult effect of the rubber increases the effectiveness of chopping away from the table.

Positives of Andro Rasanter R47

  • Massive spin
  • Great speed
  • Good control
  • Excellent for looping
  • Great for serving
  • Reasonably priced

Negatives of Andro Rasanter R47

  • Good technique is required to get the best from this rubber.
  • Not for beginners


In a nutshell, the Rasanter R47 is an excellent choice for aggressive topspin play with a very good combination of spin, speed, and control. As a performer, it is very close to the famous Tenergy 05, but the real advantage is that the R47 is priced at almost half of the T05. If you are an intermediate or advanced player who heavily depends on topspin to destroy your opponent, you can try out this modern offensive+ rubber to uplift your game.

This Post Has 2 Comments

  1. Aldo Palacios González

    Hi. I’m Aldo Palacios, from Lima.
    Found your review very interesting.
    I was using R47 for the forehand on a Butterfly Lin Gaoyuan ALC. I found it very easy to loop, very good spin and power enough to hit the ball. Much better and spinnier rubber than Xiom Vega X that I was using.
    Changed to T05 but I find it harder and quite more uncontrollable though a bit quicker.
    Do you think R47 is suitable for my blade?

    1. Indranil

      I have not used Butterfly Lin Gaoyuan ALC ever. After going through the composition, it seems that it is a soft ALC blade with better feeling and control. In my opinion, you may opt for Rasanter r42 or Tenergy 05 fx. Thanks.

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