STIGA Infinity VPS V: Is the Best 5-Ply Blade?

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STIGA Infinity VPS V is a lightweight wooden table tennis blade that has every quality to fit the modern offensive game. It is a well-balanced blade that is favored by topspin lovers who prefer the touch and feel of a wooden blade. Why is this blade rated so high by table tennis experts? What are the hidden qualities in it? In this article, I have presented a detailed review of the Infinity VPS V that I have experienced using the blade during the last 5-6 months.

Stiga infinity vps v table tennis blade


No. of Layers5-ply
Type of MaterialAll-wood
Type of BladeOffensive
HardnessMedium hard
Weight85 ± 5 grams
Thickness5.8 mm

STIGA Infinity VPS V Review

Stiga infinity vps v blade pasted with andro rasanter r47 rubber
STIGA Infinity VPS V blade with Andro Rasanter R47 rubber
Stiga infinity vps v blade pasted with donic bluestorm z3 rubber
STIGA Infinity VPS V blade with Donic Bluestorm Z3 rubber

I have used the blade with the Andro Rasanter R47 max on my forehand and Donic BlueStorm Z3 max on my backhand.


STIGA Infinity VPS V is a 5-ply all-wood table tennis blade. Ayous, a flexible, light to medium weight wood, is used as a thick inner core in the blade. It is a very good wood for control and spin-oriented rackets.

The middle veneers used in this blade, are repeatedly heated and cooled at a specified temperature and time range (VPS technology as described on STIGA’s website) to give the blade the desired stability and control.

STIGA has also used the Diamond Touch technology for the thin outer veneers. The purpose of using this technology is the give the outer surface the desired hardness which ultimately increases the stiffness of the Infinity VPS.


The blade feels very lightweight and grips well in hand. It is a relatively stiff blade but not too stiff like the Clipper blades. The types of wood used in this blade give an excellent feeling, touch, and liveliness. The blade has a mild vibration that produces a clicking sound for a nice feeling and sensation.

This lightweight 5-ply blade has a good amount of flexibility that works havoc for topspin play. The extended dwell time would benefit you for the easy execution of your looping shots. Also, the low thickness (5.8 mm) helps the blade to flex more increasing the trampoline effect that promotes spin.

The other noticeable feature is the great command over control that this blade exhibits. The Infinity VPS works great for close-to-table play. Blocking is one of the great strengths of this blade. Also, the hardened outer surface increases the sweet spot for a higher margin of error.

Though the blade has commendable control, it is not slow either. It can produce a good amount of speed on your shots due to the stiff outer surface. You can’t get the superfast speed of a carbon blade, but it works well for aggressive play with the aid of extra arm strength.

It is easy to generate a good amount of spin in my short or long serves. The ESN rubbers work well with this flexible blade to curl away my spinny sidespin serves.

The blade performs very well for short to short play due to the excellent touch and feel. Pushes and chops are easy to execute. I also found it very handy for mid-distance topspin play, although I have to exert some extra force for my attacking fast shots.

The master (FL) grip fits very well in my hand but the concerning area is the sharpness of the wings of the blade which requires some sanding work.


Regarding price, this blade falls in the low to mid-range categories. At present, the STIGA Infinity VPS V is available at a price of $77.09 on Amazon which is highly reasonable considering the great value that this offensive blade gives.

Positives of STIGA Infinity VPS V

  • Excellent control
  • Great for looping
  • Excellent touch and feel
  • Higher dwell time 
  • Good speed for a lightweight wooden blade
  • Great for many varieties of shots
  • Great value for money
  • A highly reputable brand like STIGA

Negatives of STIGA Infinity VPS V

  • Not as superfast as the carbon composite blade
  • It needs proper attention, any type of mishit against the table may damage the blade
  • The wings of the blade require some sanding to get rid of the sharp edges


STIGA Infinity VPS V is an excellent all-wood blade that suits modern aggressive play. The 5-ply blade works very well in almost every department. You may get more speed from a carbon blade, but you will certainly miss the feel and touch of this blade. If you are an intermediate or advanced player who has a nack towards the lightweight wooden blade and prefers topspin attack, the Infinity VPS is certainly one of the best options within a reasonable budget.

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