STIGA Evolution Vs Pro Carbon: Which is Better For You?

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STIGA Evolution and Pro Carbon are the two most popular rackets in the table tennis community. While STIGA Pro Carbon tops with a rating of 4.6/5 out of 3400 on Amazon, the Evolution table tennis racket is rated 4.6/5 out of 2100 reviews. The selection between two top-quality ping pong paddles is a bit complex and each of them is great depending on its characteristics. This comparison of “STIGA Evolution vs Pro Carbon” gives you the insight of the detailed comparative analysis to evaluate which one stands good for you.

STIGA Evolution vs Pro Carbon: Constructional Analysis

Blade Comparison

CategorySTIGA EvolutionSTIGA Pro Carbon
TypeAll-woodComposite (Carbon + Wood)
Ply6-ply (Wood)7-ply (5W + 2C)
Technology1. Crystal technology1. Carbon technology, 2. Crystal technology
Sweet Spot<Pro Carbon>Evolution
ClassALL (Allround)OFF (Offensive)

The class of two blades differentiates how they are constructed. STIGA Evolution has a 6 veneers wooden blade which is incorporated with crystal technology to make the outer surface harder. It is an Allround blade which balances speed and control

STIGA Pro Carbon consists of a composite blade made of carbon and wood. It is a 7-veneer blade where there are 5 layers of wood and 2 outer layers of carbon. The inclusion of carbon makes the blade stiffer so that you can add more punch to your shots. It is an offensive category blade where speed has an edge over control.

Rubber Comparison

CategorySTIGA EvolutionSTIGA Pro Carbon
NameSTIGA’s Premium RubberSTIGA’s S5 rubber
Thickness2.0 mm2.0 mm
Technology1. Nano Composite, 2. ACS technology1. Nano Composite, 2. ACS technology
ITTF approvalApprovedApproved

For the Evolution and Pro Carbon, STIGA uses the “Premium” and “S5” rubbers. S5 is superior between the two and it has the approval code of 68-016 whereas the “Premium” has no definite approval code and the approval also expires on Mar 31st 2024.

Both are 2.0 mm thick smooth inverted rubbers. They have been designed with Nano Composite to tighten bonds in the top sheet for improved spin and ACS technology for high speed and control.

Handle Comparison

Both paddles have the same Flared (FL) type handle. FL handle is the most popular to conveniently grip the paddle without slipping out from your hand.

WRB, another STIGA’s proprietary technology, has been implemented to reduce the weight of both rackets. This is done by hollowing the handle to shift the weight towards the head. The induction of this innovative technology is to increase the blade balance, recovery rate, and ball sensitivity.  

CategorySTIGA EvolutionSTIGA Pro Carbon

STIGA Evolution vs Pro Carbon: Performance Comparison

Performance comparison chart between stiga evolution and pro carbon ping pong paddle
CategorySTIGA EvolutionSTIGA Pro Carbon
Suitable forAll-round playOffensive play
Best ForAdvanced Beginners and Pre-IntermediatesIntermediate Players 
Performance of stiga pro carbon paddle

The manufacturer rating shows that STIGA Pro carbon is an offensive paddle that offers massive speed, and spin with a little sacrifice of control. The lightweight racket is exceptional for topspin play. If you are a looper, you will love to play with the Pro Carbon. It is very good for serving. The sticky rubber can generate a huge amount of spin to curl your serves away from your opponent.

Performance of stiga evolution table tennis racket

On the other hand, the approach of the STIGA Evolution is balance-oriented, i.e. excellent control with great spin, and decent speed. It will raise your consistency in the game within a couple of weeks. The lightweight, head-heavy paddle plays great for close-to-table play. It is excellent for blocking. You will find it easier to angle the ball using the speed of your opponent’s incoming balls. 

STIGA Evolution vs Pro Carbon: Price Comparison

The Pro Carbon and Evolution are available for $69.99 and $49.99 on Amazon which is reasonable considering the value they offer.

You may be delighted to find STIGA Pro Carbon available in the new Blue/Black color option.

Why is STIGA Evolution Better for You?

Excellent Control

Great Spin

Good Speed


Nice craftwork

ITTF approved

Great for all-round play

Why is STIGA Pro Carbon Better for You?

Excellent Spin

Superb Speed

Decent Control

Excellent for looping

Great for serving

ITTF approved

Great for offensive play

STIGA Evolution vs Pro Carbon: Final Verdict

STIGA Evolution and Pro Carbon are rated highly by ping pong lovers. They are excellent performers and offer great value for money.

But they are very different. Where the Evolution is classified for allrounders, the Pro Carbon impresses with its offensive play.

If you are an advanced beginner or a pre-intermediate player, the STIGA Evolution is for you. The balanced racket with an emphasis on control over speed helps you to master skills to step into the advanced level of table tennis.

STIGA Pro Carbon is the best for topspin offensive play. If you are an intermediate, you will be delighted to dominate your opponent with this superb looping machine.

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