Table Tennis – Dark Horse for the Most Popular Sport

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When there is a debate about the most popular sport, probably the name Football comes first.

Table tennis is a popular sport in East Asia and Europe. Ping Pong is also gaining attention in the United States.

The major international competitions are the World Table Tennis Championships, the Table Tennis World Cup, the Olympics, and the ITTF World Tour.

It is not as popular as other big sports like Football, Tennis or Cricket. But with a wide range of benefits, the game of Table Tennis is certainly a contender for the most popular sport in the world.

I have listed some key reasons to make it a most popular sport in the coming years.

Table Tennis is the Ultimate Solution for Sports to Play at Home

Playing Table Tennis at Home
Playing Table Tennis at Home

Table Tennis is a game that you can play anywhere irrespective of age level. You can play it at your home. For this, you require an insignificant amount of investment to buy the Table Tennis board. It may engage your family members to shape into better physical and mental conditions.

A Perfect Blender for School-Level Education

You can play Table Tennis right from your school level. Most schools have a foundation in Table Tennis. It can be a perfect match for your education.

It is Remarkably Cheap Compared to Most Other Sports

You can play Table Tennis almost in any spot. It may be played in a confined space. The infrastructure needed for this sport is not a colossal headache.

People of Any Age Can Participate in Table Tennis

The game of Table Tennis is neither gender-specific nor age-specific. Anyone can take part at his/her level.

You can enjoy Table Tennis up to the last age of your life. You will be surprised to see that there is a veteran tournament in ITTF (International Table Tennis Federation) for 80+ age in both men’s and women’s categories.

It Renders Amazing Benefits Regarding Health and Culture

There are many key benefits to playing Table Tennis such as burning off your calories and exchanging culture within society, which makes it a more lucrative game to start with.

By playing Table tennis, the benefits you can achieve are immense. It will keep you in good shape both physically and mentally.

More Variety Than Any Other Sports

The variety of shots played in Table Tennis makes it also unique.

Take an example of a variety of services. There is a pendulum service with three variants i.e. topspin, sidespin, and backspin. There is a backhand serve with three variants i.e. topspin, sidespin, and backspin. Then there is reverse pendulum service, ghost service, tomahawk service, snake service, long fast serve, and so on. You can also invent a service of your own.

Time is not a bar for the game of Table Tennis

Undoubtedly, Time is the most precious resource in our life. In today’s world, Time Management is very important for scheduling your activity right from wake-up call to bedtime.

An hour’s practice in Table Tennis suffices to keep you fresh in mind and physic.


During the lockdown period, we witnessed the rise of the popularity of Table Tennis at home, as there was no option other than Table Tennis to keep in touch with sports. Nowadays, we must maintain social distance to stay away from coronavirus. For sports, Table Tennis is the best bet. For Table Tennis clubs, sanitization is not a very daunting task.

In the future you may expect more participation in Table Tennis, making it the most popular global sport.

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