Top 5 Best Retractable Ping Pong Net Reviews

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Though the name “Retractable” sounds cumbersome, the on-the-go table tennis nets are simple and easy to use. And most importantly, its diversity, and its massive potential, I wonder how this tiny retractable net can make any room into a ping pong room, be it your office desk, your dining table, or a study table.

The use of this portable item is suitable only for entertainment and fun making. But that is also very useful to keep you away occasionally from boring physical exercises. Also, you can smell the fragrance of the wonderful game of ping pong by only paying a negligible amount compared to the price of a standard table tennis table. 

Let’s see which are the best retractable ping pong nets that can add colors to your life.

Best Retractable Ping Pong Nets: At a Glance


Expandable Length

Max. Table Thickness

Available Color



JOOLA Retractable





PRO Spin Retractable








Black, Blue, Grey, Orange, White


GSE Games & Sports



Black, Blue, Grey, Orange







Advantages of a Retractable Ping Pong Net

As I have told in the introduction, this small piece of equipment has the future to make this world into a ping pong world. It is a portable, adjustable-length net that can turn any table into a ping pong table.

  1. You don’t need to invest a huge amount only for playing ping pong on an occasional basis.
  2. You have the option to avoid blocking the valuable space in your room by accommodating a ping pong table.
  3. With its versatility, it can be used on any hard thick table, like your office desk, or dining table. If you want to refine your enjoyment, you may use a combination of a table tennis conversion top and a retractable net.
  4. Its mobility, it’s so lightweight and portable that you can carry it anywhere.
  5. And also the simplicity, it’s very easy to set up, The attachment and detachment of this retractable table tennis net is a piece of cake.
  6. It’s a time saver. It hardly takes 1 – 2 minutes to get ready with ping pong.
  7. The height of a retractable net is the same as a normal table tennis net.

Disadvantages of a Retractable Ping Pong Net

A retractable net is not only flooded with merits, like every item, but it also has certain disadvantages.

  1. The most important demerit is inadequate net tension. The portable net works on the simple spring mechanism that clamps it with the tabletop. However, the stiffness of the spring is not adequate to maintain the net tension that you may get in a clamp-style or clip-on regular net system. As a result, it is hard to get proper tension across the top of the net.
  2. Other than a retractable ping pong net, the posts of the net are outside the table but in the case of a retractable net, it covers a small area of the tabletop.
  3. You can not clamp this net on a table thicker than 2”.

How Do You Set a Retractable Table Tennis Net?

Net attachment
  1. Push the spring-loaded button to open the clamp and clip it on one side of the table.
  2. Pull the other end straightening across the center of the table surface.
  3. Again clamp the net on the other side of the table and you are done. Now you are ready to take part in the wonderful game of ping pong.

Reviews of Best Retractable Ping Pong Nets

There are numerous brands of retractable nets available on the market. Among them, the following nets are the best according to chronological order.

  1. JOOLA Retractable Ping Pong Net
  2. PRO Spin Retractable Net
  3. Hipiwe Retractable Net
  4. GSE Games & Sports Retractable Net
  5. T2Spin Retractable Net

JOOLA Retractable Ping Pong Net

Among the big brands, only JOOLA has earmarked itself in the retractable net category. Like every retractable net, the JOOLA retractable ping pong net has the same working principle i.e. spring clamp net system with adjustable length.

Joola net attachment

The length of the net is 5.75 feet which is longer than a table tennis net. The limit of the thickness of a table up to which you can clip the net is 1.75”. The material of the net is sturdy enough to keep the net height the same across all over the table. The protective rubber inside the clamp that comes in touch with the table surface, keeps the tabletop free from scratch. The net is also retractable enough to roll back to a closed compact shape that you may carry anywhere along with you.

One noticeable thing is that there is another option to get 2 hardwood bats, and 3 one-star JOOLA balls along with the net in the same price bracket.

PRO Spin Retractable Ping Pong Net

PRO Spin also offers a good quality retractable sturdy net, which is easy to use and stands firmly on the side of the table. In comparison to the JOOLA telescopic net, the length of this net is slightly more expandable with a length of 6’, and also the maximum thickness of a table that can be clipped is up to 2”.

One added advantage is that the PRO Spin retractable table tennis net covers 1-year replacement warranty with prompt customer service.

Hipiwe Retractable Table Tennis Net

The Hipiwe Retractable Table Tennis Net is very popular on Amazon with a rating of over 1200 (4.5 out of 5) which shows the credibility of this portable net. This weather-resistant net is very easy to set up. Just push the nob, clamp down one end, then pull the holder across the table surface and clip it on the edge of the other side of the table.

This on-to-go telescopic net can expand up to a length of 6’ and the allowable limit of table thickness is 2” which are the most common features of a retractable net.

GSE Games & Sports Retractable Net

This adjustable retractable net from GSE Games & Sports is also very popular on Amazon with four vibrant color options, i.e. black, blue, grey, and orange.

This net has almost all the good features of a quality retractable net with an extra added advantage. While the thickness limit is the same, this net can be extended up to 6.25’ (3” longer). At an affordable price, this portable net gives you the best value for money.

T2Spin Retractable Ping Pong Net

T2Spin offers one of the best retractable ping pong nets that works great anywhere, be it on your dining table, office desk, or a table tennis top.

The stiffness of the spring is good enough to maintain the net tension and roll back to a compact shape automatically which makes it easy to carry and store.

One nice last thing is that this net also has a one-year warranty and a 100% refund policy.


Though the expandable length and allowable thickness limit are a little bit less than other top retractable nets, with a sturdier net material, better net tension, and brand value, JOOLA retractable ping pong net tops the list for the best.

I have tried to cover all the aspects of this article. If you have any questions, please make a quick entry in the comment box below.

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