6 Best Short Pimple Table Tennis Rubbers 2024 (Aggressive Play)

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Short pimple or pips is a special category of table tennis rubber. In this type of rubber, the pimples are facing outward which is just the opposite of the common inverted/ smooth rubber. Short pips rubbers are not like long pimples where a very distinctive skill is required. Rather in short pimples, you will get the feel/ touch of inverted rubbers. So, it is the most preferred option for transmission from an inverted rubber to pimple rubber. But why do you need it? Sport pimple rubbers help you play attacking shots regardless of incoming spin. It is easy to hit, block, and return of serve. This rubber is very helpful for those players who are not good enough at playing topspin shots. If you are interested, here are my 6 best short pimple rubbers that you can try to adopt the new style/ techniques.

  1. Yasaka Rakza PO
  2. Nittaku Moristo SP
  3. Dr. Neubauer Killer
  4. TSP Spectol
  5. Victas VO>102
  6. JOOLA Express Ultra

Though short pimple rubber has a close characteristic to the inverted rubber i.e. higher speed and control with a reduced amount of spin, it is not recommended for entry-level players.

What are the Positives of Short Pips Rubbers?

Due to the pimpled outer surface, short pips rubbers have less surface area that comes into contact compared to inverted rubbers. That’s why this type of rubber is less sensitive to the incoming spin. So it is relatively easy to hit through the ball for a fast attacking shot close to the table. The same principle applies to blocking also. Due to low spin sensitivity, you can exhibit good control in blocking for proper placement.

The chemistry of short pimple rubbers produces a low-ball trajectory, which lowers further after hitting the table. This disruptive effect makes it harder for your opponents to return the ball on succession. Another good use is reversing the forehand and backhand side (short pimple rubber on one side and inverted on the other side). It’s a very effective strategy where your opponents have to guess the type of trajectory of the incoming balls. You may also mislead his/ her judgment by reversing the racket under the table. This a clever strategy that often brings good results.

What are the Negatives of Short Pips Rubbers?

Due to the reduced contact surface, this type of rubber does not give the good brushing effect that you can expect from a good quality inverted rubber. That’s why short pimple has a limited variety of shots. It is not good enough for topspin or chops. Also, it is very difficult to execute shots from mid or long distances. You have to play close to the table and finish the ball with fast attacking hits whenever an opportunity arises.

Short pimple rubbers are suited for aggressive play where the timing of shot-making is also very crucial. You have to hit the ball on top of the bounce with a proper bat angle, very similar to a flat drive.

Not only playing against short pimples is difficult but also playing with this type of rubber is not an easy task. You have to refine your techniques to get accustomed to short pimples.

Best Short Pimple Table Tennis Rubber Reviews

Before going through the reviews of the best short pimple rubber, you should consider your playing style. Do you prefer playing close to the table? Do you prefer attacking play? Is looping/ chopping the weaker part of your gameplay? If all the answers are ‘Yes’, opting for the short pips rubber would be ideal for you.

Yasaka Rakza PO

Razka po short pimple table tennis rubber
Razka po short pimple table tennis rubber
Sponge HardnessMedium Hard

* Statistics as per Rerspin.net

Yasaka Razka PO, used by top Swedish international Mattias Falck, is quite different in terms of construction compared to the other short pips rubber. As per the statement on the Yasaka’s website:

RAKZA PO is one of several rubbers with a newly developed top sheet using mainly natural rubber gum. This improves the level of grip and the power of spin drastically. The top sheet is combined with the new “Power Sponge”. The top sheet and “Power Sponge” work in perfect synergy, producing the Hybrid Energy rubber.

Razka po (max) pasted on the tibhar hinoki 3.0 blade

The new rubber looks very shiny, grippy, and curly. Due to its curliness, I have faced difficulties while pasting on the blade. The pimple geometry of this rubber is also very different. It has a horizontal pips alignment whereas the vertical alignment is the most common in other short pips rubbers.

After playing for a couple of days, the rubber feels very spinny with a good amount of speed. It is very similar to inverted rubbers. If you want to switch from inverted rubbers, the Rakza PO suits very well for your first transition rubber. The rubber has a high throwing angle, so you have to adjust your bat angle accordingly. Serves are very spinny and push dips with a high amount of backspin. Backhand topspins are relatively easier to play than other short pips rubbers. You may even try to play loops, and chops from mid-distance. Blocking is very effective with a high amount of deception. But the timing is crucial to control shots for proper placement.

In a nutshell, the Yasaka Razka is the best short pimple table tennis rubber that may be your perfect weapon with massive spin, speed, and a good amount of deception.

Nittaku Moristo SP

Nittaku moristo sp rubber
Sponge HardnessMedium Soft
DurabilityMore than average

Nittaku Moristo SP, the famous Japanese Mima Ito’s backhand rubber comes in three variants 1.4 mm, 1.8 mm, and the max 2.0 mm thickness. The topsheet is shiny and grippy, but not curly. The pips are vertically aligned, wider, and closely packed.

The Moristo SP is fast (not very fast), spinny (but not as high as the Razka PO), and sensitive to incoming spin. Hitting through the backspin is easy with this rubber. But you have to react early on the bounce. The rubber offers good control while returning but the level of deception is very low. Overall, Nittaku Moristo SP performs very well for attacks from flick to flat hits, especially for backhand with the max 2.0 mm variant.

Dr. Neubauer Killer

Killer short pips table tennis rubber
Killer short pips table tennis rubber
Sponge HardnessMedium
DurabilityMore than average
Killer black (max) pasted on my tibhar hinoki 3.0 blade

I heard about the massive knuckle-ball effect of the Killer rubber from Dr. Neubauer and what I have found is exactly true. I have pasted the 2.2 mm black Killer on my Tibhar H-3-9 blade and the results are really surprising. Balls come off the racket with a very low trajectory and to make it bounce on the other half, the extra lifting force is needed by the receiver. Blocking is the strength of this rubber. The high deception forces your opponent to hit back the ball on the net. The rubber offers good speed, but very less spinny. That’s why serving is a real headache for this Neubauer short-pip rubber. It is also not easy to handle this rubber. Players hate to play against this rubber. In fact, you may be sort of practice partners in your club.

The rubber is suitable on the forehand side for aggressive play. For more speed, the 2.2 mm variant is most suitable, and for deception, you may try the 1.8 or 1.5 variant.

TSP Spectol Soft

TSP spectol short pips rubber
Sponge HardnessSoft-Medium

TSP Spectol, the widely used short pips rubber has two core variants, Spectol Soft, and Spectol Speed.

TSP spectol black pasted on my MA LIN extra offensive blade

The Spectol Soft is the first short pips rubber that I have experienced on my backhand (2.15 mm). The rubber offers excellent control. Returns are very easy to place with precession. The Spectol Soft also has a good amount of speed and spin, though not very high. It produces a knuckle-ball effect to disturb the rhythm of your opponents. Spectol Soft (35° hardness) is the best short pimple table tennis rubber for chopping. It’s quite spinny but not reactive to spin.

TSP Spectol is the most preferred transition short pips rubber for less experienced players due to the easiness of managing the rubber. Though the rubber has many variants from 1.3 mm to 2.15 mm, it is hard to find in stores nowadays. 

Victas VO>102

Victas vo 102 short pips rubber
Sponge HardnessMedium

Victas VO 102, a newly developed pips-out rubber consists of a grippy topsheet, and elastic sponge combined with high-tension energy technology. It has a different pimple geometry where pimples are slightly larger and widely placed. All these combinations produce great speed, massive spin, excellent feedback, and control. The characteristics of this short pips rubber are much like an inverted rubber. Serves are spinny, blocks are very effective where balls bounce low and skid fast on the opponent’s side. Counter-hitting is the strong point of the Victas VO 102. Available in 1.8 mm, 2.0 mm, and max thickness.

JOOLA Express Ultra

Joola express ultra short pimple table tennis rubber
Sponge HardnessSoft
DurabilityMore than average

JOOLA Express Ultra features an elastic top sheet and a soft balance sponge that incorporates sensor technology. You can feel the power like the speed glue effect.  The rubber has many gears, you can smash, drive, chop, block, anything you can try. Control is excellent. The Express Ultra suits best for counter-hitting. The only downside is the absence of deception, which is an added strength of other short pips rubbers.


Here is the summary regarding the best short pimple table tennis rubber:

Thanks for continuing till the end.

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