STIGA Pure Color Advance Review

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STIGA pure color advance, a Shakehand ping pong paddle makes its own identity with eye-catching colors. STIGA has designed this paddle focusing on lovely colors to match the preference of the recreational players. If you like colors, you will surely fall in love with the vibrant colors, green, blue, yellow, and pink of the STIGA pure color advance paddle.

If you are a serious beginner, you must not go for this paddle. There are a lot of options for a good table tennis racket in the market.

Stiga pure color advance green colored ping pong paddle

Also, check the prices of the Blue, Pink, and Yellow STIGA Pure Color Advance Ping Pong Paddles.


  • Blade: 5-ply wood
  • Rubber: Stiga 3 star
  • Sponge: 1.5 mm thick
  • Style: Shakehand
  • Speed: 75
  • Spin: 65
  • Control: 65
  • Weight: 0.35 lbs (159 kg)
  • Handle: Flared

Overview of STIGA Pure Color Advance

Though STIGA pure color advance does not come with good rubber, this racket is certainly better than the low-quality cheap rackets featuring posters of big players.

5-ply Wood Blade

STIGA pure color advance features a Shakehand style  5-ply wood blade. STIGA uses crystal technology to harden the surface of the blade for higher speed. The flared concave handle makes it easy to grip the racket to hit the ball on the sweet spot area on more occasions.

STIGA 3-Star Rubber

This paddle comes with STIGA 3-star rubber with 1.5 mm sponge thickness. Though this rubber uses the concept of ACS technology for increased speed and control, this rubber is not capable of generating high speed. The 1.5 mm rubber is very good for defense.


This is the most attractive feature of this paddle. You have the option to choose any of the 4 eye-catching colors i.e. green, pink, yellow, and blue.


Stiga pure color advance rating

The paddle has been designed to give more authority on control. The thinner the rubber, the better the control. The 1.5 mm thin rubbers provide good control to deliver pushes and counter-hits with more confidence.

The STIGA Pure Color Advance is not very good in terms of speed and spin but is certainly superior to the cheap premade paddle available in the market. It is basically a good recreational paddle that gives more consistency on your shots to placing the ball on the table for longer rallies.


  • Good control
  • Eye-catching colors
  • Lightweight paddle
  • Affordable
  • Variety of colors to choose
  • Good finish
  • Reputed Brand


  • Rubber is not good for speed
  • Only for amateurs

About the Brand: STIGA

STIGA Sports, a Swedish table tennis company started its journey in 1944. Within a couple of years, it has been recognized as a trusted brand in the table tennis industry. STIGA is continuously upgrading products with the introduction of superior technology.


If you want to enjoy ping pong with friends and family members, this paddle can be your option with affordability and decent quality. The eye-catching colors of the paddle will surely attract the attention of others.

But if you are a young aspirant, this racket is simply not for you. There are many good alternatives that you find in my article regarding the best ping pong paddles.

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