The Most Popular Top 10 Table Tennis Rubbers in 2024

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While table tennis rubbers may be offensive or defensive, today’s modern table tennis is dominated by offensive play. That’s why my list of the 10 table tennis rubbers is slightly biased towards the offensive rubbers.

Serious players are very sensitive when choosing table tennis rubbers to get the best out of them. Rubbers play a huge impact on the speed, control, and spin but they are designed for different types of playing styles and levels. While the most popular Tenergy 05 is good for looping, the Mark V is ideal for transitioning from a premade racket to a customized paddle. So it is essential to be very selective when choosing from a wide range of availability to make an informed decision that could transform your game.

Top 10 Table Tennis Rubbers: At a Glance

Top 10 Table Tennis Rubbers






Tenergy 05

Tenergy 05 table tennis rubber



Dignics 09C

Butterfly Dignics 09C table tennis rubber



Fastarc G-1

Nittaku Fastarc G-1 table tennis rubber



Rasanter R47

Andro Rasanter R47 table tennis rubber



Tibar Hybrid K3

Tibar Hybrid K3 table tennis rubber



Evolution MX-P

Tibhar Evolution MX-P table tennis rubber



DHS Neo Hurricane 3

DHS Neo Harricane 3 table tennis rubber



Butterfly Rozena

Butterfly Rozena table tennis rubber



Donic Baracuda

Donic Baracuda table tennis rubber



Yasaka Mark V

Yasaka Mark V table tennis rubber



1. Butterfly Tenergy 05

Hardness: Medium Hard (36°) | Thickness (mm): 2.1, 1.9, 1.7

Tenergy 05 table tennis rubber

The Tenergy 05 is the result of the revolutionary technologies of spring sponge technology, high-tension rubber, improved pimple structure, and a grippy surface. This blend creates an exceptional feel and performance that enhances the game of topspin players significantly.

Butterfly employs a high-tension top sheet for Tenergy rubbers, stretching it to a thinner state before applying it to the sponge. This process enhances the ball’s penetration into the sponge. The sponge functions as a spring, releasing stored energy and propelling the ball with a powerful catapult effect, making Tenergy 05 an ideal tool for executing looping shots.

The pimple structure of Tenergy 05 offers a refined, medium feel, not too hard or soft. The natural rubber top sheet provides excellent grip. It is a medium-hard bouncy rubber that improves your consistency in power loops away from the table.

Although it is a high-tension rubber, the durability is on the higher side with an average of 6-12 months.

The challenge lies in the rubber’s high sensitivity to incoming spin, coupled with its bouncy nature and elevated throw angle, making control difficult. Beginners will struggle with handling the opponent’s spin, whereas players with solid skills will appreciate the exceptional performance of this top-tier looping rubber.


  • High speed
  • Massive spin
  • Excellent for topspin players
  • Excellent for serves
  • Very Durable


  • Pricey
  • Not for beginners

2. Butterfly Dignics 09C

Hardness: Hard (44°) | Thickness (mm): 2.1, 1.9

Butterfly Dignics 09C table tennis rubber

The Butterfly Dignics 09C is a top-tier table tennis high-tension rubber that uses the Butterfly’s innovative spring sponge technology. This rubber is the first from Butterfly to use a highly-tacky top sheet, coupled with a hard sponge. It is slower than the Tenergy 05 before the ball hits the table, but after hitting the board, the springy effect deflects the ball with more speed. Although it follows a high arc, the ball does not travel as far as the Tenergy 05. The tacky topsheet grips the ball more to produce an enormous amount of spins. It gives an extra edge to your serves, loops, and pushes. Due to the high holding time, it is also more consistent when playing close-to-table.

But to use the full potential of Dignics 09C, you have to increase the racket speed. At the same time, it is essential to close the racket angle to make the brushing more effective.

However, its high price point and the skill level required to harness its full potential may make it less suitable for beginners or budget-conscious players.


  • Exceptional spin
  • Massive speed
  • More precision over shots
  • Excellent for counter topspin


  • High price
  • Requires a high level of skill

3. Nittaku Fastarc G-1

Hardness: Medium Hard (37.5°) | Thickness (mm): 1.4, 1.8, 2.0, Max

Nittaku Fastarc G-1 table tennis rubber

Nittaku Fastarc G-1, the top-selling rubber in Japan, features a grippy topsheet paired with a moderately hard sponge. While slightly heavy and requiring a significant amount of glue when applying, this rubber offers impressive speed, exceptional spin, and reliable control. The rubber is more linear than T05 which gives you more control over your shots. Also, its insensitivity to incoming spin allows precise ball placement and enhanced control.

The rubber offers a balanced performance of speed and spin, and it’s often praised for its control. It’s particularly well-suited for aggressive play, allowing players to execute quick, powerful shots with precision. Furthermore, this rubber is versatile and can perform admirably in both offensive and defensive plays.

The higher ranking of the Fastarc G-1 in the list of top 10 table tennis rubbers is due to its great balance of speed, spin, and control which can be an excellent choice for aggressive, spin-oriented players.


  • Excellent spin
  • High speed
  • Excellent balance of speed and spin
  • High level of control
  • Value for money


  • Not suitable for beginners
  • Careful handling is necessary to ensure longevity

4. Andro Rasanter R47

Hardness: Medium Hard (47°) | Thickness (mm): 1.7, 2.0, Max

Andro Rasanter R47 table tennis rubber

The Rasanter R47, a new generation table tennis rubber, has a massive 2.3 mm thick sponge. This ESN rubber is designed for offensive topspin play at a higher speed. To match the guideline of the maximum limit of rubber thickness (4.0 mm), ANDRO has made the top sheet thinner.

The R47 has a perfect balance between speed and spin. It has high speed and it’s very spinny. During looping, it produces a medium arc.

Rasanter = Extra speed | R = Rotation | 47 = Sponge density

Designed specifically for the 40+ plastic ball, the R47 is considered the most popular choice among the Rasanter family. It shines in offensive topspin play at higher speeds and is particularly suited to spin-driven profiles. The 47° microstructure sponge hardness gives the full advantage for extra power and speed in your topspin strokes.

The rubber weighs around 68 grams when uncut. Despite its speed and power, the R47 also offers great control, making it versatile and well-suited for a wide range of shots.


  • Excellent balance of speed and spin
  • Massive spin
  • High speed
  • Great for topspin attack
  • Reasonably priced
  • Good control despite its speed and power


  • Skills needed to maximize its potential

5. Tibhar Hybrid K3

Hardness: Hard (53°) | Thickness (mm): 2.0, Max

Tibar Hybrid K3 table tennis rubber

The Hybrid K3, a top-quality table tennis rubber, is highly versatile and provides unlimited possibilities in gameplay. The sticky topsheet allows for excellent control and spin, while the hard sponge contributes to increased speed and power, making it particularly suitable for aggressive topspin play.

A notable feature of the Hybrid K3 is its insensitivity to the opponent’s backspin, providing a level of security and reliability. It pairs well with outer carbon blades like TB ALC, enhancing the overall performance.

It’s like the Dignics 09C with a much reduced price which gives you massive speed and tons of spin.

While the unique characteristics of the Hybrid K3 may require some adjustment for certain players, its comprehensive performance makes it an impressive choice for professional table tennis players.


  • Excellent for Offensive topspin Play
  • Great for forehand flicks
  • Insensitive to opponent’s backspin, providing reliable gameplay
  • Pairs well with outer carbon blades, enhancing performance


  • Skills are needed to make use of this offensive rubber
  • May not be suitable for defensive players seeking very high control

6. Tibhar Evolution MX-P

Hardness: Medium Hard (45.7°) | Thickness (mm): 1.5-1.6, 1.7-1.8, 1.9-2.0, 2.1-2.2

Tibhar Evolution MX-P table tennis rubber

The TIBHAR Evolution MX-P, one of the top 10 table tennis rubbers, has made a name for itself in the world of competitive table tennis. This rubber is praised for its exceptional speed, and spin, making it a favorite among many players.

The MX-P is the fastest and most dynamic rubber in the Evolution series. It features a medium-hard sponge that offers a perfect balance between power and flexibility. The sponge’s hardness sits at around 47.5 degrees, providing excellent speed and spin without compromising on control.

The glossy top sheet of the MX-P is designed to grip the ball effectively, which results in an impressive spin. The Evolution MX-P has a perfect adjustment of the pimple geometry that gives more flexibility for the extra energy to the attacking balls. Due to this unique feature, players can easily adopt this rubber with no sacrifice in speed and spin.

This is a fantastic rubber for topspin lovers, an economical alternative to the Tenergy 05, but you have a decent technique to get the most out of it.


  • Exceptional speed and spin
  • Good control for a high-speed rubber
  • A good balance of power and flexibility
  • Suitable for aggressive, topspin play
  • Reasonable price


  • The durability of the rubber is average

7. Butterfly Rozena

Hardness: Medium Hard (35°) | Thickness (mm): 2.1, 1.9, 1.7

Butterfly Rozena table tennis rubber

The Rozena uses Butterfly’s spring sponge technology in a high-tension rubber. Though it is not as fast as the Tenergy 05, it has sufficient speed with a higher level of control.

Like the Tenergy series, it doesn’t give a higher arc. Rather the ball follows a relatively linear arc. Also, the spin insensitivity gives you a higher level of control while returning the incoming balls.

This rubber is known for its forgiving nature, making it an excellent choice for players looking to improve their game. The Rozena is for those who are aiming for the top with the aggressive nature of play but at the same time want stability in their shots.


  • Good balance of speed, spin, and control
  • Excellent control for an offensive rubber
  • Forgiving nature can help players improve their game
  • Versatile and adaptable to different playing styles


  • Might not be suitable for players seeking extreme speed or spin

8. DHS Hurricane 3 Neo

Hardness: Medium Hard (38°) | Thickness (mm): 2.1, 2.15, 2.2

DHS Neo Hurricane 3 table tennis rubber

It’s a unique Chinese rubber with a combination of a powerful NEO sponge and Hurricane 3 rubber. The new, powerful Neo sponge gives the Hurricane 3 rubber an additional rebound without losing spin and control.

The Hurricane 3 Neo features a very tacky top sheet that grips the ball well, enabling it to generate a high amount of spin. The rubber’s sponge is dense and provides excellent control while maintaining a good level of speed. This combination of properties allows players to execute precise shots with lots of spin.

Because of its tackiness, the rubber is slow, so you need to increase the power to generate more speed. It’s not like the bouncy European rubbers, the Hurricane 3 Neo gives a nice low arc on topspins. It gives you a more direct feeling.

Most players use it on the forehand side to create more spin by using arm and wrist power. DHS Hurricane 3 Neo works better on the forehand side than the backhand.


  • Excellent spin due to a tacky top sheet
  • Good control, even with high spin potential
  • Excellent for close-to-table play
  • Cheaper compared to other rubbers
  • Value for money


  • Extra effort is needed to use the power of this rubber
  • Requires regular cleaning to maintain tackiness

9. Donic Baracuda

Hardness: Medium Hard | Thickness (mm): 1.8, 2.0, Max

Donic Baracuda table tennis rubber

The Donic Baracuda features a top sheet with enhanced grip and elasticity, which results in incredible spin. The rubber’s unique formula ensures that the ball leaves the blade in a noticeably higher arc, giving considerably more spin. The high throw angle and spin ease countering the incoming backspin balls and also it is easier to clear the net during counter loops.

Despite its high spin, the Baracuda also offers excellent control, making it ideal for players who prioritize precision. The rubber maintains a good balance between speed and control, allowing for versatile play, from powerful topspins to delicate touch shots.

Its unique top sheet and soft, high-tension sponge make it a great choice for players who value precision and versatility in their game. While it might not be the fastest rubber on the market, the Baracuda’s performance benefits include it in my list of top 10 table tennis rubbers.


  • Exceptional spin due to enhanced grip and elasticity
  • Good control and a nice feel
  • Extra margin of safety for topspin play
  • Greater ability to attack backspin
  • Affordable


  • May not be preferred by players who prioritize speed over spin

10. Yasaka Mark V

Hardness: Medium Hard | Thickness (mm): 1.0, 1.5, 1.8, 2.0, Max

Yasaka Mark V table tennis rubber

The Yasaka Mark V is a popular and classic table tennis rubber that has been a favorite among players for decades.

This Mark V is for all-rounders with a great combination of speed, spin, and control. It also absorbs the incoming spin for a longer dwell time enhancing the ability to control the ball. It performs exceptionally well in close-to-table play and offers a great touch for short games. Despite its speed and spin, this rubber also offers a good amount of control, which can be beneficial for players at all skill levels.

This rubber uses the blending of natural and synthetic rubber making it lightweight and easy to adopt. Also, it can be paired with most of the common blades. Mark V is widely recommended for beginners and intermediate-level players to improve their techniques.

A classic among table tennis rubbers, the Yasaka Mark V continues to be a staple for many players due to its incredible control and consistency. Its versatility makes it a great choice for a wide range of players, from those just starting to take the game more seriously to seasoned competitors. The Mark V is ideal for players who value touch, finesse, and the ability to control the pace of the game.


  • Great combination of speed, spin, and control
  • Perfect for beginner and intermediate players
  • Suitable for both forehand and backhand side
  • Cheaper compared to other same-quality rubbers
  • Versatile and adaptable to different playing styles
  • Durable and reliable


  • Some players might find it lacks enough speed
  • It may not generate as much spin as some specialty rubbers

Top 10 Table Tennis Rubbers: Factors to Consider

In the game of table tennis, rubber is the most interesting part, though its chemistry is a little bit complex. The selection of proper rubber is very crucial and may bring a drastic change in your performance.

Speed, spin, and control are the three attributes that determine the nature of a rubber. Offensive rubbers have more speed and spin while defensive rubbers have more authority on control.

The speed of a rubber is inversely proportional to control. So if you want more speed from a rubber, you have to deal with less amount of control.

Speed ∝ 1/Control

The following 8 properties determine the quality and behavioral pattern of table tennis rubbers.

1. Sponge Hardness

The rubber’s hardness indicates the sponge’s firmness. Lower hardness = softer sponge; higher hardness = denser sponge. Lower hardness rubbers create more spin at low speed, while harder ones generate high spin at high speed.

Harder rubbers offer more speed but less control, while softer rubbers provide better control. However, softer rubbers may experience a “bottom out” effect, ( Bottom out is when low energy output causes the ball to move slowly with a low trajectory) causing low energy output and reducing efficiency.

Type of Sponge HardnessHardMedium-HardSoftExtra Soft
Degree of Hardness47.5 – 6042 – 4737.5 – 41< 37
EffectHigh Speed
Low Control
(Speed, Spin, & Control) 
Ultimate Control  
Low Speed
Low speed
Possibility of “Bottom out”

For beginners, soft and medium-hard rubbers are good options. The pro players (Except the European-style players who prefer soft rubbers) enjoy playing with hard rubbers.

The combination of hard rubber and flexible blade is an ideal combination for the modern offensive game while for soft rubbers, it is better to use stiff blades for superior performance. 

2. Sponge Thickness

Table tennis rubber consisting a topsheet and a sponge

As a thumb rule, thickness is proportional to speed and inversely proportional to control. Thicker rubber gives you more speed with the sacrifice of control. In reverse, thinner Rubber gives you more control, but less speed. A 2.1 mm Rubber gives you the desired speed whereas a 1.5 mm Rubber is for better control.

Sponge Thickness of RubberRebound SpeedStyle of Play
< 1.5 mmSlowDefensive
1.5 mm – 1.9 mmMediumAll-round
1.9 mm – 2.1 mmFastTopspin Attack
2.1 mm – MaxVery FastPower Attack

Thick Sponge

  • Higher dwell time
  • More spin
  • More speed

Thin Sponge

  • Shorter dwell time
  • Less spin
  • Less speed

To identify the authorization, check the ITTF logo on the Rubber.

3. Types of Top sheets

The pimples-out and anti-spin rubbers are suited only for some particular style of play which is not very common. Pimples-in or inverted rubber is a normal rubber that is far more popular and best to use for beginners. All the above-mentioned top 10 table tennis rubbers are inverted/ smooth.

4. Pimple Geometry

Pimple structure of tenergy 64 table tennis rubber
Pimple Structure of Tenergy 64

Pimple geometry determines how hard or soft the top sheet is. For shorter, wider pimples with less space between them, you get a harder feeling whereas narrow, long pimples with more space between them, give you a softer feeling.

5. Chemistry of Top sheet

There are different types of chemistry involved in manufacturing a top sheet. Some top sheets are made with natural rubber formula, like Butterfly which gives a soft and flexible feeling. Chinese rubber manufacturers use artificial formulas, the cheaper option gives you a hard feeling.

6. High-Tension Rubber (Tensor Rubber)

Tenergy 05 high tension rubber
Tenergy 05 High Tension Rubber

High-tension rubbers are those where the top sheet is stretched before gluing to the sponge during the manufacturing process. This creates higher tension in the top sheet which results in a higher bounce.

A good example is a high-tension rubber is the Butterfly Tenergy rubbers where the tension is increased by 300% to normal rubber.

7. Sponge Formula

Spring sponge technology of tenergy 05
Spring Sponge Technology of Tenergy 05

In a normal table tennis rubber, the sponge eats the energy of the impact and the ball only gets the power of the player’s shot. But in some sponges, like Butterfly Tenergy series rubbers, smaller air bubbles are incorporated into the sponge. That drastically enhances the elasticity of the sponge and the sponge acts as a spring. The sponge stores more energy and releases the energy by springing off the ball with a higher speed and spin.

8. Tackiness

Tackiness is the gripping capacity that you will find mostly in Chinese rubbers. Tacky rubbers generate more spin but are vulnerable to the opponent’s spin.


This is my list of the 10 top picks. How is it? Is anything missing? What are your preferred top 10 best table tennis rubbers? Please let me know by giving a quick comment below.

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