Eastfield Allround Professional Table Tennis Bat Review

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Eastfield Allround Professional table tennis bat has the perfect combination of speed, spin, and control for budding table tennis aspirants. My 9-year-old daughter got the taste of being a champion by playing with this racket. Before the tournament, I asked my daughter, ‘Are you comfortable with this bat?”. She replied, “This bat is so good that I feel it as an extension of my hand”. This one word assured me that I made the right selection for her.

Eastfield allround professional table tennis racket


  • Blade: Eastfield Allwood 5-ply 
  • Rubber: The Eastfield A-Soft 2.1 mm rubbers 
  • Handle: Flared 
  • Speed: 6/10
  • Control: 10/10
  • Spin: 8/10
  • Weight:190 gm.
  • ITTF approved

Overview of Eastfield Allround Professional Table Tennis Bat

Eastfield all-wood table tennis blade and rubbers

Eastfield Allround Professional, a Shakehand racket consists of an Eastfield Allwood 5-ply blade and 2.1 mm thick Eastfield A-Soft rubbers. The 5-ply wooden blade and soft rubbers give you high authority on feeling and control which is evident in the ultimate control rating (10/10). Eastfield A-Soft 2.1 mm rubbers can also generate sufficient spin, especially on soft strokes but lack power which is the motto of designing this racket.


This is the area where this bat shines. Today I play a match with this racket and I witness the ultimate authority on control. My consistency has suddenly improved to a higher percentage. This bat is very good close to the table, especially blocking which is a piece of cake.


Soft rubbers are good for the generation of spin at low speeds. These Eastfield 2.1 mm thick soft rubbers can give you a good spin on soft strokes, like on your serves. Though this racket does not act as a great additive for topspin, it doesn’t matter much at the beginner’s level.


This Eastfield Allround Professional table tennis bat is not good for speed. This bat is built on the concept of low speed with supreme control. This is very beneficial for a beginner to give his/her effort which eventually helps in building techniques.

Other Features

3 month old eastfield allround professional table tennis bat

My little daughter has been playing with this bat for the last 03 months but the bat almost retains its originality. Rubbers are very much live till now. Another great thing about this bat is the precision of finishing. Today I inspect this racket very closely. Everything seems to be very caring, the pasting of rubbers, and the fixing of the side tape have been handled very neatly.

This racket has a flared handle with an enlarged portion at the end. This grip is so nice and so comfortable that yan can feel the easiness of handling this racket.

Positives of Eastfield Allround Professional Table Tennis Bat

  • Great for beginners
  • Ultimate control
  • Good spin
  • Nice grip
  • 23% savings compared to buying the blade and rubbers individually
  • Comes with a black storage box
  • ITTF approved

Negatives of Eastfield Allround Professional Table Tennis Bat

  • Not for advanced players

About the Brand: Eastfield

Ben Larcombe, the owner of the popular website “Expert Table Tennis” launched this company, “Eastfield” in the year 2014 in view of providing quality table tennis equipment at a reasonable price. Within a few years, both rackets, “Eastfield Allround Professional” and “Eastfield Offensive Professional” gained popularity around the world and are also highly recommended by table tennis experts.

Wrapping Up

Eastfield Allround Professional is a bat for beginners. It is a great option for beginners who want to advance in the journey of table tennis to become very good advanced players.

Palio Expert 3.0, a lower-priced racket, close in respect of control but marginally ahead in speed is a good contender for this bat for being the best racket for beginners.

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