STIGA Talon Table Tennis Racket Review

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STIGA Talon, a balanced, lightweight racket is for those who have just learned the basic skills and want to step forward to take the game to the next level. This racket is a blend of STIGA’s superior technology for great speed, spin, and control that suits very much for all-round play.

Stiga talon table tennis racket


  • Blade: 5-ply wood
  • Rubber:  STIGA’s Premium Rubber
  • Sponge: 2.0 mm thick
  • Rubber Type: Inverted
  • Handle: Concave (Flared)
  • Speed – 96
  • Spin – 94
  • Control – 90
  • Style: Shakehand
  • Weight: 0.35 lbs (159 grams)
  • Approval: ITTF

Technology Used in STIGA Talon

STIGA Talon is constructed using many innovative technologies that separate it from other premade rackets.

SDT (Shock Dispersion Tube)

STIGA Talon uses SDT technology that incorporates a high-tech composite rod integrated with the blade and handle. When you hit a ball with Talon, the shock dispersion tube absorbs vibrations and energy and transfers through the tube out of the handle in the form of sound energy to enhance speed and control.

Crystal Technology

The use of crystal technology makes the outer surface of STIGA Talon’s blade harder for increased speed.

ACS Technology

ACS technology is introduced to incorporate microscopic air capsules in the rubber for high speed and control.

NCT (Nano Composite Technology)

The incorporation of Nano Composite Technology tightens the bonds in the rubber which results in higher spin and speed.

WRB Technology

The use of WRB technology is to shift the weight to the head of the racket to enhance the ball sensitivity.

Construction of STIGA Talon

The STIGA Talon uses a 5-ply wood blade that has a feel for better ball control. The blade is pasted with 2.0 mm thick, densely structured premium rubbers that give a high amount of spin and speed. The handle of the racket is “Concave Pro” which is a slightly modified version of the flared handle to make it more convenient to grip. 

Positives of STIGA Talon

  • High Speed and Spin: The 2.0 mm premium rubbers refined by ACS and NCT give high speed and spin. 
  • Great Control: The soft, porous, and flexible plies of Balsa wood give better ball control.
  • Good for All-Round Play; The balanced combination of high speed, spin, and control of STIGA Talon is ideal for all-round play.
  • Easy to Hold: The nice concave pro handle makes it easy to grip the paddle.
  • ITTF approved: This racket has got approval from ITTF for tournament play.
  • Well-Reputed Brand: A trusted brand like STIGA

Negatives of STIGA Talon

  • No storage case: No Carrying Case is included to protect the rubber.


STIGA Talon is a good option for advanced beginners and intermediate players who are on the way to the advanced phase of table tennis. The symmetrical distribution of speed, spin, and control helps them to build authority in their game.

There are also other alternatives like Palio Master 3.0, and STIGA Evolution that you will find in my article “The Best Ping Pong Paddles”.

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