Go Sports Ping Pong Table: Best for Family Fun

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If you are thinking of a portable table tennis table, most probably it’s for recreational purposes. And for entertainment, there is hardly any competition for the Go Sports ping pong table. Why? This is because Go Sports has designed this table for multi-purpose services. This midsize 6 x 3 feet table is an all-in-one package. You need to buy no other equipment to enjoy ping pong except this midsize table. Additionally, the ultra-portability of this table can add colors to your weekend party or picnic. 

In this article, I will detail the merits and demerits of the GoSports ping pong table, based on which you can judge it before selection.

GoSports midsize ping pong table

Constructional Features of Go Sports Ping Pong Table

GoSports Mid-Size Table Tennis Game Set

It is not a full-size table, nor it will give you the bounce that is required for serious learning. So, if you are serious about table tennis, you should not consider this table. But, if you want to enjoy ping pong with others, it will give every solution that you may look for.

Go sports ultra-compact foldable table

The dimensions of this midsize tabletop are 6’ x 3’ which is almost 2/3rd of a full-size table. The tabletop is made with medium-density fiberboard (MDF). A sturdy aluminum frame is kept underneath to prevent the table surface from sagging during a long tenure. The thin MDF surface will keep the ball slightly low and the impact sounds a bit different than you can expect from a standard table tennis table.

Go Sports is a foldable table tennis table that consists of two joined equal halves. This lightweight table rests on 6 strong aluminum legs. It is very easy to fold this table to a compact shape of 3’ x 3’ x 4”. There is a locking provision to make it a one-piece folding table and also, and the provided handles enhance the portability.

The Go Sports compact table is available in two colors, blue and red. The vibrant red color indicates that it is a purely recreational ping pong table.

The Positives of Go Sports Ping Pong Table

  1. Lightweight: This table is amazingly lightweight. It weighs only 32.55 lbs, nearly 1/10th of the weight of a full-size table.
  2. Compact Storage: Due to the small and compact shape of 3’ x 3’, you don’t need much space to store this table.
  3. Easy to Assemble: This is a ready-to-play table tennis table. It is very easy to set the table for play. Just open the lock, expand the table, and unfold the legs. Then just attach the net with the included posts and you are ready to play.
  4. Easy to Handle: The lightweight, compact one-piece design, and provided handles make it very easy to carry the Go Sports ping pong table by only one person.
  5. Space Saver: You can accommodate this 6’ x 3’ midsize table in a small area compared to a regulation table.
  6. No Additional Equipment Required: This table comes with 2 paddles and 4 ping pong balls to feel the excitement of the ping pong game in no time. A carrying bag is also provided to give protection to your ping pong paddles.
  7. Durability: Long durability is one of the best features due to its strong and sturdy aluminum-based design. 
  8. Easy to Move: You have the benefit of utilizing the ultra-portability of this foldable ping pong table to add colors anywhere, whether it may be a picnic or a party. This is a huge asset for day-long fun and enjoyment with your friends, relatives, and family members.
  9. Reasonably Priced: This portable table is well under a reasonable price bracket.
  10. Excellent Customer Support: This US-based Go Sports company has a reputation for prompt and excellent customer support.

The Negatives

  1. There are small aluminum strips along the outer edges of this foldable table. You will get an unpredictable bounce when the ball hits on that small area.
  2. The included paddles are not of great quality because they are designed only for recreational activities.
  3. Being a lightweight table, there is always a possibility of shifting if pushed.
  4. The net is only for casual play. There is no tensioning arrangement and the posts look a bit flimsy. It is better to replace this net with a retractable net.

Wrapping Up

Go Sports, a good quality ping pong table is highly recommended as a great addition to your room for family fun. But if you want a better bounce, please check my article for the best portable ping pong tables as per your requirements.

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