iPong Trainer Motion Table Tennis Robot Review

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iPong Trainer Motion is a simple, affordable yet powerful table tennis robot from JOOLA. It is the latest upgrade over the popular iPong V300 with the same basic functionalities but better performance. If you want to engage with table tennis in your idle time, this iPong Trainer Motion can boost your consistency in gameplay to bring on a higher level of competitive play.

iPong trainer motion table tennis training robot


  • Ball Holding Capacity: 100
  • Ball Shooting out frequency: (30-70) balls /Min
  • Weight: 2.5 lbs
  • Dimensions:19″ × 10″
  • Power Source: AC adaptor
  • Warranty: One year

Overview of iPong Trainer Motion

iPong Trainer Motion Table Tennis Training Robot
ipong trainer motion operational features

7 Operational Functions

The Trainer Motion robot comes with 7 functions.

  1. Power
  2. Play/ Pause
  3. Memory
  4. Frequency (+/ -)
  5. Oscillation (+/ -)
  6. Topspin (+/ -)
  7. Backspin (+/ -)

You can easily increase or decrease the rate of oscillation, frequency of ball throwing, amount of topspin, and backspin by simply pressing the (+) or (-) buttons on the wireless remote. You also can save your preferred practice combination settings in the memory mode.

Spin Technology

This robot has two wheels, an upper and a lower wheel attached to motors, to control the ball’s spin, speed, and trajectory. When the upper wheel spins faster relative to the lower wheel, balls shoot out with topspin. For backspin, the lower wheel spins faster than the upper wheel, and when both wheels spin at the same speed, it is a no-spin.

Quick Assembly

The assembly work of this iPong Trainer Motion is very simple. It only takes 2-3 minutes. You have to do two things. First, attach the top and button funnels with the middle core portion. Then just attach the batteries and you are done. Now you are ready to enjoy ping pong with your new training partner.

Benefits of iPong Trainer Motion

  1. Program your training sequence: You can easily adjust the different combinations of settings for topspin, backspin, and no spin along with the ball throwing frequency and oscillation rate and save in the memory mode. The wireless remote and digital display help you quickly change from one memory mode to another memory mode.
  2. Develop your footwork: The Motion Trainer shoots out 30 to 70 balls per minute. There is a good scope to develop your footwork by increasing the frequency of throwing balls along with utilizing the oscillation settings in a proper sequence.
  3. Save your time: Use the included IPong telescopic pick-up net for an easy collection of balls on the floor.

About the Brand: JOOLA iPong

JOOLA, the World famous brand for table tennis equipment has categorized the training products like robots, and ball catch nets under “iPong”. The series of iPong robots (9 models) starts with the very basic iPong Expert (2014), iPong Play, and iPong Trainer, and ends with the upgraded iPong Motion Trainer (2018). You will get all the functionalities in three models, iPong Pro (Wired remote), V300, and Trainer Motion.

iPong Trainer Motion Vs iPong V300

JOOLA iPong trainer motion was introduced in 2018 as an upgraded model of the V300 training robot. The basic technology and functionality are the same for both models. Only there is a slight difference in terms of performance and consistency.

  1. The iPong trainer motion has improved motors and gears to minimize the issue of jamming balls in V300 and also to smoothen the frequency of ball throwing.
  2. The JOOLA trainer motion robot comes with a ball pick-up net, which is not included with the iPong V300.
  3. Also, you will get eighty 40 mm ABS ping pong balls with the latest trainer motion robot for practice but the V300 does not feature any additional balls.

Positives of JOOLA iPong Trainer Motion

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Easy to handle 
  • 2-3 minutes for assembly work
  • Wireless remote with programmable settings 
  • Digital display for current settings
  • Made with long-lasting materials
  • 80 ABS ping pong balls are included
  • Included iPong tilt stand for changing the trajectory of balls
  • Affordable
  • One year warranty

Negatives of JOOLA iPong Trainer Motion

  • Returning the robot is a long and tedious process
  • Before dropping balls you have to confirm that the ball entry hole and agitator round hole are not in the same alignment.

Wrapping Up

To get the full benefit out of this training robot, you have to practice hard. Prepare a schedule of training for a time span, utilize the full potential of the Trainer Motion, and become an expert in table tennis.

But don’t forget to care for your robot. Clean the balls, keep the robot inside a box to avoid dust, and most importantly clean the wheels at regular intervals to make this training machine work smoothly. 

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