Butterfly Playback Rollaway Ping Pong Table Review

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Butterfly Playback Rollaway is a very well-made ping pong table with ultimate precision to meet every inch of your satisfaction. Except for some first-time assembly work, this quality table tennis table offers excellent features that not only satisfy the needs of recreational players but also can handle the demands of table tennis learners. This Butterfly Playback Rollaway has both variants, indoor and outdoor that you may choose according to your requirements.

Let’s start with the outdoor version, i.e. 

Butterfly Playback Rollaway Outdoor Ping Pong Table

This heavy-duty table is a popular choice for recreational activities with family members, relatives, and friends. You can place this all-weather table in your garden and take full advantage of it by making fun of ping pong during the weekend picnic. The outdoor table has a ¼” (5 mm) thick resin top with melamine coating to protect the table surface from adverse weather conditions like water, frost, and heat.

This beautiful ping pong table offers lots of attractive features that make it one of the best-selling Butterfly tables of all time. The table is designed with utmost care keeping in mind the safety of the players, especially the children.

Butterfly playback rollaway outdoor ping pong table


Table Technologies

Play Dimensions 9’ x 5’ x 2.5’ (108” x 60” x 30”)
Folded Dimensions5.9’ x 6.1’ x 2’ (71″ x 73.5″ x 25″)
Table Thickness1/4” (5 mm)
Tabletop Material Laminated resin with melamine coating
Frame Thickness1.5” (36 mm)
Frame MaterialSteel
Leg Thickness1” (25 mm)
Leg MaterialSteel
Wheel Diameter5”
No. of Wheels4 double wheels
Weight140 lbs
ColorBlue/ Green

Other Key Points

Assembly Work2 – 3 hours
Playback ModeYes
Leg LevelersNo
NetPermanent perfect II net set 
Accessory HolderYes (Racket & ball holder)
Safety featuresSafety locking lever and safety beam
ITTF approvalNo
Warranty3 years

Overview of Butterfly Playback Rollaway Outdoor

Butterfly Outdoor Playback Rollaway


The 5 mm thick resin tabletop has two equal separate halves of two elegant blue and green color options. This all-weather ping pong table has a melamine coating on the top to protect the table surface from water or frost.

To support this tabletop, a strong and sturdy 36 mm (1.5″) steel rail is provided so that the table surface remains flat for many years.

Sturdy Undercarriage

Each half of the table stands on four 1″ square-shaped steel legs. The adjacent legs are connected with dual cross beams that give the table extra stability. The square-shaped legs always provide better strength than the rounded-shaped legs. To give extra space for the larger margin of tolerance of footwork movement, legs are placed further from the ends and sides of the table.

The inner 4 legs are bolted with 5″ double plastic-coated wheels so that the folded compact table can be gilded easily to the desired storage location.

Folding/ Unfolding

Butterfly playback rollaway outdoor folded table halves

Butterfly Playback Rollaway Outdoor has a simple folding and unfolding system. You have to upper each half with minimum effort. The auto-foldable legs take the desired compact shape of 23″ (53 cm) width. There are two safety levers in each half of the table that provide the necessary safety to secure the table halves in an upright position. For unfolding, you have to release the safety lever before lowering the table halves.

Other features

  1. Like most other full-size table tennis tables, Butterfly Playback Rollaway has also the facility to practice alone by hitting the ball against the upright table half.
  2. There is a built-in racket and ball holders at each side of the table where you have the facility to store a maximum of 4 paddles and 8 ping pong balls to start playing immediately.
  3. A good weather-resistant ping pong net with posts is added with the Butterfly Playback Rollaway Outdoor. The net remains fixed after unfolding which is an added advantage to keep you away from the handling of the net.

Positives of Butterfly Playback Rollaway Outdoor

  • Sturdy Undercarriage for better stability 
  • Easy to fold and unfold
  • Less storage space is needed due to the compact shape of the nested table halves
  • Hassle-free fixed net attachment system 
  • 5″ bigger wheels for easy transportation 
  • Provision for racket and ball holder
  • 3 years warranty 
  • A world-class trusted and reputed brand like Butterfly

Negatives of Butterfly Playback Rollaway Outdoor

  • It requires 2 to 3 hours to assemble this ping pong table after the receipt of the package. You also have to hire at least 1 – 2 extra people for the whole assembly work. It is better to sort out all the nuts and bolts before the assembly work to save time.
  • There is no provision for manual height adjustment with the help of levelers. So, you may face difficulties in maintaining the equal height of both sides on an uneven surface.

If you have space in your room for a full-size table, it is better to choose the indoor version, i.e. Butterfly Playback 19 for a good and uniform bounce.

Butterfly Playback 19 Ping Pong Table

Butterfly playback 19 rollaway ping pong table

Butterfly Playback 19 Rollaway is a good option for schools, clubs, recreation centers, and also for homes. This indoor ping pong table has the same features as the outdoor model except for a few differences.

  1. This indoor table has a smooth high-quality 19 mm wooden tabletop. Though this thickness does not meet the demands of advanced players, a 19 mm top from a brand, like Butterfly is more than enough for amateurs. Butterfly always gives more weightage to quality which is evident by the good and uniform bounce that this excellent painted wooden surface can produce.
  2. The Butterfly Playback 19 is heavier with a weight of 170 lbs in comparison to the outdoor table.


To conclude Butterfly Playback Rollaway is a quality table with many good features for enjoying the wonderful game of ping pong. In terms of bounce which is the main selection criteria of a table tennis table, though the indoor model may satisfy the benchmark for a good table, the outdoor model is purely meant for recreational activities.

In my view, there are some other good alternatives which you will find in my article “Best Outdoor Ping Pong Tables: In-depth Buying Guide”.

For indoors, there are some good tables with attractive price brackets from STIGA and JOOLA that you may look at in my post “Best Ping Pong Tables“.

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