JOOLA Inside 25 Review: Why The Best Choice?

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JOOLA Inside 25 is the top model among the 4 ping pong tables of the JOOLA Inside series. JOOLA has designed this variation for a 25 mm table for those who want to enjoy the best experience with the game of ping pong. And most importantly it comes under $1000 for a high-quality table. This best combination of quality and price puts the Inside 25 on top of the popularity for a tournament-grade table tennis table among all reputed brands.

In this review of JOOLA Inside 25, I am going to tell you every single thing, the pros, and cons, to help you with your buying decision.

JOOLA Inside 25

The best ping pong table for home

JOOLA Inside 25, a tournament-grade table tennis table for ultimate ball bounce has not only all the great features of a premium table but also has the best performance over price.

  • Good bounce

  • Sturdy and durable

  • Value for money

  • Bigger wheels would be better

Rating (4.8/5)

Table Technology4.9/5
Constructional Features4.6/5
Assembly & Storage4.9/5
Other Facilities4.5/5
Overall Rating4.8/5

JOOLA Inside 25 Review

Compact shape of the folded joola inside 25 table tennis table
Compact folded table
Joola inside 25 playback feature
Playback Position

Table Technology

Tabletop Size9’ x 5” x 2.5’ (108” x 60” x 30”)
Tabletop Thickness25 mm (1”)
Tabletop MaterialMDF (Medium Density Fiberboard)
Storage Dimensions24″ x 63″ x 63″
Table ColorBlue

To get the best experience from a table tennis table, the first consideration is the quality and uniformity of ball bounce. The higher the table thickness, the better the bounce is. JOOLA Inside 25 has a 25 mm tabletop that is the highest in terms of thickness. Another consideration for a tabletop is the smoothness of the table surface. The tabletop of the Inside 25 is made with MDF which is smoother than plywood or particleboard. Also, the smoothness has been improved by the multi-layer roller coating with silkscreen printing on the outer surface further cured by ultraviolet light.

Constructional Features

Frame MaterialAlloy Steel (Powder-coated)
Frame Thickness2” (50 mm) 
Leg MaterialAlloy Steel (Powder-coated)
Leg Size50 mm x 40 mm
Wheel Diameter4”
No. of Wheels8
NetScrew-on Net and Posts
Weight238 lbs
Safety FeaturesAnti-tilting safety latch, Lockable wheels
Assembly Time10 – 20 Minutes

Apart from the tabletop, the other most important factor is the strength of the undercarriage. How heavy the frame is to support the tabletop? JOOLA Inside 25 has a 2” thick frame that is good enough to support a 25 mm thick top and keep it flat for years to come.

Regarding material, the frame is made with powder-coated steel for better strength and also to prevent any formation of rust. But as the name “Inside” indicates, it is an indoor table, it should not be used in the outside environment.

It is a two-piece table, i.e. the tabletop is equally divided into two halves and each half has a separate individual 4-wheel trolley system. The 4” caster wheels are attached with strong 50 x 40 mm steel legs which take the total load of the ping pong table.

The Inside 25 has a nice screw-on professional net system that is very easy to set up. There is a tensioning arrangement to maintain the proper net height through manual adjustments. The included net and posts are of very good quality that you can expect from any premium table.

Assembly and Storage

It is generally a hectic task to get the table ready after receiving the package. The assembly work almost takes 2-3 hours and also with the help of 1 – 2 support staff. But JOOLA has made it super easy to set up the table. The table comes in almost 95% assembled condition. The remaining part which is left is the attachment of the legs to the table and you are ready to play.

The visual assembly instructions from JOOLA USA guide you to get it ready within 20 – 30 minutes.

Regarding the space needed, it has two independent equal table halves that can be nested for a very compact storage solution. The auto-foldable nature of the legs makes it very easy to fold and unfold the table halves. When you join the two folded halves, they take a very compact shape of 24″ x 63″ x 63″. The 4” caster wheels help you to glide the nested halves anywhere you want to store them within a small space.

Other Facilities

Playback Feature: Like most of the tables, JOOLA Inside 25 has also a solo playback facility. When there is no one to accompany you for practice like a practice partner or a robot, this playback facility allows you to hone your skills. This can be done by keeping one table half vertical against a horizontal half.

Level Adjusters: At the bottom of each steel leg, there is a rubber level adjuster which you can rotate clockwise or anti-clockwise manually. This is a nice facility to keep the table surface flat on an uneven surface and also to prevent the formation of scratches on your floor.

Safety Features

  • The provision of two anti-lifting safety devices maintains safety during storage and playback conditions. You must lock safety latches in these conditions to prevent accidents.
  • The locking provision in each wheel keeps the table stable in play or storage conditions.


The durability of any high-value item is a vital issue for the return on investment. The durability of a ping pong table depends mainly on two factors.

  1. The quality of the material of the tabletop and undercarriage
  2. The strength and sturdiness of the undercarriage parts

The quality of MDF as a material for the Inside 25 tabletop is good enough for the long run. Though MDF lags slightly in comparison to plywood (used in premium tables for tournaments), it is far better than particleboard. The higher thickness, i.e. 25 mm also makes the table more durable. For undercarriage, all parts are made with steel which is always better than aluminum in terms of strength and longevity. The silkscreen printing of the table surface and the black matte powder coating of the undercarriage also add to the longevity of the table.

The weight of any structure generally indicates the strength of that item. As a thumb rule, the heavier the structure is, the better the sturdiness. The weight of JOOLA Inside is 238 lbs (mainly due to the 1″ thick tabletop, 2” steel frame, and 50 mm x 40 mm steel legs) which is on the higher side considering the average weight of a table tennis table. The shape of the legs is rectangular which gives better strength than rounded-shaped legs.


The price of an item carries the most significant influence on the buying decision. In this area, the Inside 25 beats any other premium ping pong table in its segment. This tournament-quality table is available at a very reasonable price of $941.99 on Amazon.

Positives of JOOLA Inside 25

  1. Thick 25 mm tabletop for good and consistent ball bounce
  2. Strong and sturdy undercarriage
  3. Easy to assemble
  4. Easy to set up and handle
  5. Small space is required for storage due to the compact shape
  6. Good quality tournament-grade net and posts
  7. Safe and reliable
  8. Reasonably priced
  9. Good value for money
  10. Approval from USATT
  11. A reputed and trusted brand like JOOLA

Negatives of JOOLA Inside 25

  1. Bigger wheels of 6” or 8” dia would be better for movement
  2. The provision of ball and paddle holders would be more advantageous.

Alternatives of JOOLA Inside 25

From the above discussion, it can be easily concluded that this table has very high performance over price (Our rating: 4.8/5). If you want a competition-level 25 mm ping pong table under $1000, the Inside 25 has all the good features to be the best choice for you.

If the Inside 25 is not available in your area, JOOLA Tour 2500 is a nice alternative with almost the same features and price. You may also check my article for the comparison between JOOLA Inside 25 and Tour 2500.

There are also other premium tables at a higher price range that you will find in my article “The Price List of 15 Best Ping Pong Tables in 2023: Quality Meets Affordability!

In this review, I have tried to depict every little thing of JOOLA Inside 25. If you have any questions, let me know for a quick reply by entering the comment box below.

Thank you for continuing till the end.

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