JOOLA Tour 2500 Table Tennis Table Review

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JOOLA Tour 2500, the thickest ping pong table in the JOOLA Tour series, is very similar to the popular Inside 25. This heavy-duty MDF table has a good ball bounce that gives you the taste of a tournament-grade table tennis table. Most importantly, this JOOLA Tour 2500 costs almost half if you compare it with premium tables of other famous brands.

Top Selling

JOOLA Tour 2500

  • Standard Size ( 9 ft x 5 ft x 2.5 ft)

  • Thickness: 25 mm (1") 

  • Frame Thickness: 2" (50 mm)

  • Leg Size: 2" x 2" (50 x 50 mm)

  • Wheel Diameter: 4" (100 mm)

  • Weight: 249 lbs


Rating (4.8/5)

Bounce Quality4.9/5
Constructional Features4.6/5
Assembly & Storage4.9/5
Safety Features4.9/5
Other Facilities4.5/5
Value for Money5/5

The reason behind the preference for the JOOLA Tour 2500 is its high performance over price. The 25 mm thick MDF table top with good supporting undercarriage construction can deliver what you need the best for your home. The most satisfying thing is that you can get this table at a very reasonable price of $659 on Megaspin which is almost half of the top-quality premium tables of other brands.

JOOLA tour 2500 table tennis table


  • Dimensions: 108” x 60” x 30″
  • Table Thickness: 25 mm (1”)
  • Tabletop Material: MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard)
  • Frame: 50 mm (2”)
  • Frame Material: Powder-coated steel
  • Leg Size: 2” x 2″
  • Leg Material: Powder-coated Steel
  • Wheel Diameter: 4”
  • No. of wheels: 8
  • Approved by: USATT

Review of JOOLA Tour 2500

Table Technologies

  1. The tabletop thickness is 25 mm (1”) which is the maximum for any standard table. This thick MDF tabletop gives a very good ball bounce which is the most desirable aspect of any table tennis table.
  2. To keep the table surface flat and even, a 2” powder-coated steel frame is provided as a solid base. 
  3. This JOOLA Tour table consists of two separate halves. Again each table half has a separate trolley that rests on four 4” caster wheels. 
  4. For rigidity and strength, it is supported by four 2” square black powder-coated steel legs. One advantageous feature is that you can manually adjust the table height by rotating the leveler provided at the end of each leg. The rubber levelers also keep your floor free from scratch. 

Portability and Easy Assembly

Nested table halves for compact storage
  1. Each separate table half can be easily folded and joined to form a compact nested table. It is easy either to store each single table half separately or glide the nested table to the desired location for storage.

Storage Dimensions:

  • Height: 63”
  • Width: 63”
  • Length: 24”
  1. To make the assembly easy for you, This JOOLA Tour 2500 comes in a 95% pre-assembled condition. You have to attach the separate steel legs with pre-assembled table halves which hardly takes 20-25 minutes.

Safety Features

  1. The edge of each corner is covered to give protection to your children during play.
  2. Each caster wheel also has an arrangement for locking to keep the table stable during storage or play.
  3. The spring-loaded safety latches underneath the table fix the table at an upright position. This is a very good safety feature which keeps you away from accidents by opening the table half unexpectedly.

Other Features

  1. You can fold one-half of the table and practice by rebounding the ball against the vertical surface. This is a great feature to keep practicing when you are sort of any playing partner.
  2. The auto-folding nature of the legs makes the assembly and storage work easy for you.
  3. This JOOLA Tour 2500 is included with a 72″ tournament-grade net with a proper tensioning arrangement. It is easy to put on the net by screwing it against the table.

Positives of JOOLA Tour 2500

  1. 1” thick quality tabletop for good and uniform ball bounce
  2. Compact and foldable
  3. Sturdy and durable
  4. Auto-foldable legs
  5. Less storage space required
  6. Minimum assembly time required (Approx. 15 minutes)
  7. The facility of manual height adjustment
  8. Affordable ($729.95 on Megaspin)
  9. A well-reputed brand like JOOLA

Negatives of JOOLA Tour 2500

  1. It would be better to have bigger wheels for easier transportation of the heavy table.
  2. Access to paddle and ball holders would be an added advantage.

Other Models: JOOLA Tour 1800 and JOOLA Tour 1500

Joola tour 1800 ping pong table
JOOLA Tour 1800

JOOLA Tour 1800 and JOOLA Tour 1500 are the same as JOOLA Tour 2500 except for the following differences.

  • The thickness of the tabletop
  • Size of the frame and legs
  • Wheel diameter
ModelTabletop ThicknessFrame SizeLeg SizeWheel Diameter
JOOLA Tour 25001”      2”2” x 2”4”
JOOLA Tour 18003/4”1.5”1.5” x 1.5”3”
JOOLA Tour 15005/8”1.2”1.2” x 1.2”3”
Joola tour 1500 indoor table tennis table
JOOLA Tour 1500

Other Alternatives

With similar constructional and operational features, the following two high-end home tables are the best alternative to the Tour 2500.


JOOLA Tour 2500 is a very good option for your home or club for a quality table that matches the features of the tournament-level table tennis table. This thick and sturdy table is well built, easy to assemble, compact, foldable, and above all, it has good quality bounce. Moreover, you can get it at a reasonable price for a good value for money.

If you want a ping pong table only for recreation, then the JOOLA Tour 1800 and JOOLA Tour 1500 are the better options with a lower price tag.

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