JOOLA Midsize Table Tennis Table Review

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JOOLA Midsize table tennis table has the solution to enjoy the excitement of ping pong in a compact space with your friends and family members. If you want a quality table but are worried about managing a heavy 9 ft x 5 ft table in your room, this lightweight, compact, foldable midsize table from JOOLA ( 2/3 rd of full-size) with the regulation height can turn your dream into reality.

Joola midsize compact ping pong table


  • Dimensions:  1828 X 1015 X 760 mm (6 X 3.3 X 2.5 ft)
  • Table Thickness: 5/8″
  • Material of Tabletop: Medium-density fiberboard (MDF)
  • Weight: 62 lbs (28 kg)
  • Assembly Time: 0 min (100% pre-assembled)
  • Color: Blue or Black

What is a Midsize Table Tennis Table?

A midsize table has the same height as a full-size ping pong table with a slight reduction in length and width. These tables are designed to fit into a compact space where a regulation table can be accommodated.

Who should consider the JOOLA Midsize?Who should not consider the JOOLA Midsize?
1. If there is not sufficient room size for a standard-size table
2. If you are a recreational ping pong lover, not thinking from a learning point of view
1. If you only consider a 9 ft x 5 ft table tennis table
2. If you are serious to develop your game

Overview of JOOLA Midsize Table Tennis Table

JOOLA Midsize Sport Table Tennis Table

Easy to Assemble

JOOLA Midsize consists of two separate table halves with foldable legs. Only you have to join the halves and unfold the legs. Then fix the net and you are ready to go. It’s that simple. It hardly takes 2-3 minutes to start enjoying ping pong.


Portability is another great feature of this table. Each half weighs only 31 lbs (14 kg). It is easy to carry the square-shaped half (36” x 36”) and store them in a compact space, maybe under your bed or in a closet.

Fits into Small Spaces

JOOLA Midsize has a 2/3 rd size of a standard ping pong table, making it easy to accommodate in a compact space. The height of this table remains the same as the regular table so that you don’t mess up your skills.

Multi-use Table

Each half is self-standing and square (36” x 36”). So you can use the halves for other purposes, like card games with friends and families.

Net and Post Included

Joola Midsize table includes a net that you can attach easily to the table by the screw clamp system. For any reason, if the net gets damaged, you can easily replace it with a retractable net which is very affordable and easy to use.

JOOLA Midsize Sport vs. Midsize Classic

There are two models of JOOLA Midsize available to choose from. One is JOOLA Sport and the other is the JOOLA Classic model. The only difference between the two is the difference in the color of the table surface. JOOLA Sport features a black-colored tabletop with a white line down the middle. JOOLA Classic comes with a blue color tabletop.

Positives of JOOLA Midsize Table Tennis Table

  • Good bounce for a midsize table
  • Compact Storage
  • Lightweight makes it possible to handle with ease
  • Quality Material for tabletop
  • 100% preassembled
  • Less space required
  • It comes with a net and posts

Negatives of JOOLA Midsize Table Tennis Table

  • Not for serious learners
  • Not a regulation-size table

About the Brand: JOOLA

JOOLA is one of the leading manufacturers of table tennis equipment. This company started production in 1952 and gradually, it was established as a trusted brand in table tennis. JOOLA’s products are very popular among table tennis lovers for quality and affordability. JOOLA also has appeared as a sponsor in big tournaments, like the Olympics, World Championships, and US Open.

Wrapping Up

JOOLA Midsize, a lightweight ping pong table is a very good choice for a compact place. It is very easy to set up and move around, requires little space for storage, and can give you a satisfying bounce. Another advantageous aspect is that you can use an easy square half as a multipurpose table, like a table for playing card games. Last but the most important thing that you should consider is its budget-friendliness. This good performer is available under a lucrative price tag.

But it is not the table where you can practice to develop your skills. Though you can use the table for very basic start-up, this table is mainly for recreational players. By placing this table in your room, you can enjoy playing ping pong with friends and family members in no time. This is not only a source of entertainment but also keeps you physically and mentally fresh.

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What is the size of a standard table tennis table?

The size of a standard table tennis table is 9 x 5 x 2.5 ft (2740 x 1525 x 760 mm).

What is the ideal space required to place a standard ping pong table?

You need a space of at least 7.5m x 4m (25ft x 13ft) for pleasant playing conditions.

What is the minimum room size required for a standard ping pong table?

The minimum size of a room to accommodate a standard ping pong table is 5.5m x 3.5m (19ft x 12ft). For more information, you may check “Ping Pong Table Size & Dimensions: What You Need to Know“.

What are the sizes available for a small ping pong table?

There are various small-sized tables available in the market according to your requirements.
1. 3/4 Size Ping Pong Table
2. Mid-Size Ping Pong Table
3. Mini-size ping pong table.

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