JOOLA Rally Outdoor Ping Pong Table Review

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JOOLA Rally Outdoor is one of the variants of the JOOLA Nova Outdoor table tennis table which gained popularity on Amazon with an impressive rating of nearly 1800 (4.4 out of 5). This is a quality table with an attractive price tag that gives you the opportunity to enjoy ping pong in any place, it may be your garden, inside your home, or in your garage. 

Let’s see the best features of this outdoor table that make JOOLA Rally widely acceptable among ping pong lovers.

Joola rally outdoor table tennis table

Specifications of JOOLA Rally Outdoor

  1. Table Technologies
TypeAll-weather regulation size ping pong table
Tabletop Thickness6 mm
Tabletop MaterialAluminum plastic composite material
Play Dimensions9 X 5 X 2.5 ft (108” X 60” X 30”)
Storage Dimensions60” X 62” X 24”
Frame Size1.2” X 1.2”
Frame MaterialPowder-coated alloy steel
  1. Undercarriage
Leg Size1.2” X 1.2”
Leg MaterialSteel
Coating Exterior grade powder coating
Wheel Diameter3”
Number of Wheels8
  1. Other Features
Weight134 lbs
Safety featuresDouble anti-tilting devices, Lockable caster wheels, Protective corners
NetWeatherproof clamp style ping pong net

Overview of JOOLA Rally Outdoor.

JOOLA Outdoor Aluminum Table Tennis Table with Weatherproof Net Set

This stylish JOOLA Rally Outdoor table is full of quality features for entertainment with ping pong both in an indoor and outdoor environment.

All-weather Tabletop

The JOOLA Rally Outdoor consists of a 6 mm thick tabletop made of aluminum and plastic composite material. The thickness of an outdoor ping pong table is within the range of 4 to 9 mm and the 6 mm thickness of this table is good enough to give you a decent ball bounce for a better experience.

Also, the use of aluminum-plastic composite material enables the tabletop to survive against any kind of weather conditions like water, frost, and sunlight.

The tabletop is supported by a solid rust-proof 1.2-inch thick powder-coated steel frame to ensure the flatness of the table surface for a consistent uniform bounce.

Separate Table Halves

Nested table halves for storage

This table has a simple design of two separate table halves. Each half has four corrosion-resistant legs and four 3″ caster wheels. It is easy to join the table halves to a compact nested shape of 60″ × 62″ × 24″ which requires little space for storage. The auto-folding nature of steel legs eases the process of folding and unfolding. Also, the levelers attached at the bottom of each outer Leg help to adjust the height of the table on an uneven surface.

Easy to Assemble

After receiving the package, you don’t have to bear the hectic task of assembling the table. This outdoor table comes in 95% pre-assembled condition. The little work that you have to manage is the joining of wheels with legs and the fixing of the net.

Solo Playback Mode

When you are sort of playing partners, you have the opportunity to hone your skills by rebounding the ball against the vertically folded table half.

Safety features

  1. The presence of two anti-tilting devices keeps the halves secure in folded condition to eradicate any possibility of accidents by the sudden opening of the vertical halves.
  2. There is the provision of a locking arrangement in each wheel to prevent any type of movement of the ping pong table during play or storage.
  3. Each corner of the table is covered with a protective piece to ensure the safety of children.

All-weather net and posts

It is easy to attach/ detach the provided all-weather screw-on net that has posts with tensioning arrangements to keep the proper net height across the table surface.

Positives of JOOLA Rally Outdoor

  1. Smooth table surface for better bounce 
  2. Lightweight 
  3. Easy to handle 
  4. Minimum assembly time 
  5. Less storage space required 
  6. Double anti-tilting devices for better safety
  7. Scratch-free floor due to the contact with attached Leg levelers
  8. Reasonably priced
  9. A world-famous trusted brand like JOOLA

Negatives of JOOLA Rally Outdoor

  1. It is tough to join the table halves properly on an uneven surface.
  2. The wheel diameter is not adequate for easy transportation.

JOOLA NOVA DX Vs Rally Outdoor

“JOOLA NOVA DX vs Rally Outdoor” is an interesting comparison. Both tables are models of the JOOLA NOVA outdoor table tennis table. Apparently, both the tables look the same, but there are some differences between them.

  1. The main difference is the table surface. The quality of the table surface of Rally Outdoor is in the same line as JOOLA NOVA Pro Plus which is better in quality to produce a better ball bounce than the Nova DX.
  2. If you compare the weight between the two, JOOLA Rally Outdoor is lighter with a weight of 134 lbs in comparison to NOVA DX with a weight of 143 lbs.
  3. Pricewise, Rally Outdoor is 25% costlier than JOOLA NOVA DX (At present the price of Rally Outdoor is $549, whereas the price of NOVA DX is $413.95.)


If you need an outdoor table for recreation with family members and friends, this stylish, quality JOOLA Rally Outdoor is a good option to keep you fresh in your daily life. Moreover the attractive price tag with the brand name, JOOLA makes this outdoor table tennis table more lucrative.

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