JOOLA Tetra Conversion Top Review

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Most of us are not professionals and want to enjoy ping pong only for recreational activities. So it’s quite natural for us not to block the space of a room by placing a 9’ x 5’ full-size ping pong table, especially if there are other options. So what are the other alternatives? You have the option to avoid the undercarriage by simply putting the tabletop on a pool table (if available), on a dining table, or in a structure of specified dimensions. JOOLA Tetra Conversion Top, a quality budget-friendly tabletop is a very good option to taste the excitement and fun of the wonderful game of ping pong with your family members, friends, and relatives.

Joola tetra conversion top for playing ping pong

Table Top Technologies

Dimensions9 ft x 5 ft (108” x 60”)
Thickness12 mm (½”)
MaterialParticleboard with PVC laminate
Weight80 lbs
AccessoriesPing pong net and posts
RequirementsThe minimum suggested length and width of billard or dining tables are 7’ x 3’

Overview of JOOLA Tetra Conversion Top

JOOLA 4-Piece Tetra Table Tennis Conversion Top with Net Set

4-Piece Ping Pong Table Top

JOOLA Tetra is a full-size (9’ x 5’) table tennis conversion top that consists of two separate equal halves. Each half has also a two-piece design where each sub-half is connected by a 3-hinge joint system. The tabletop is made of a 12 mm thick particleboard. Both these parameters (12 mm and particleboard) don’t give a good ball bounce to the standard of a competitive ping pong table. But when you are thinking of a conversion top only for recreation, these specifications are decent enough to give you the taste and feel of the excitement of ping pong.

Compact Storage

Compact folded shape of joola tetra table tennis conversion top

One of the most attractive features of JOOLA Tetra is its compact storage system. The aim of the design of this table tennis conversion top is to minimize the storage space. To do that, each of the two separate halves is further subdivided by equal two halves connected by a 3-hinge system. This maximizes the portability of this table topper by folding it to a dimension of 54” x 30” x 1”.  So, you can easily store the 4 folded subdivided halves under your sofa, in a closet, or under your bed.

Protective Foam Pads

One of the necessities of conversion tops is to provide sufficient protection to the underneath structure which may be a billiards table, a dining table, or an air hockey table. For that, the Tetra tabletop has protective foam pads on the bottom at corner areas. These foam pads provide the necessary protection to keep the surface of your precious tables free from scratches.

Custom-Style Net and Posts

The JOOLA Tetra foldable indoor conversion top comes with a custom-style net and posts that can be easily attached to the topper to divide it into an equal playing area. This net tensioning system is not that impressive, you may replace it with a good-quality retractable net.

Positives of JOOLA Tetra Conversion Top

  1. Easy to assemble: You need to do two assembly works. First, place the table halves on the pool or dining table and connect them with the right alignment. Then, attach the net and posts at the junction point of the connected table halves.
  2. Lightweight: Each half weighs only 37 lbs.
  3. Minimum storage space required: The 3-hinge joint system makes it possible to turn the table halves into a folded compact shape.
  4. Budget-Friendly: You can get this topper under a very reasonable price bracket.
  5. Reputable Trusted Brand: This is a very popular ping pong conversion top from JOOLA, one of the world leaders in manufacturing ping pong equipment. JOOLA’s tables have been featured in many prestigious tournaments, like the Olympics, the US Open, the World Championships, and many others.

Negatives of JOOLA Tetra Conversion Top

  1. Due to the hinge joint, there is a seam that runs along the center length of the table where you may feel a fractional difference in levels between the two sides. And for this slight unevenness, if you hit a ball on that area (though it may happen on a rear occasion), the seam will change the trajectory of the ball.
  2. It is better to give some thin rubber protection at the center area of the bottom of the conversion top to make sure that your underneath table is not being scratched by the hinges.
  3. As a table surface, particleboard is not as good as MDF.


If you want a conversion top only for entertainment, JOOLA Tetra is certainly a good option to convert your pool table or dining table into a ping pong table.

Also, there are certainly other alternatives with lots of quality features where you will get an MDF top instead of particleboard. If you are interested, you may go through my article, “Top 5 Best Ping Pong Table Tops for Pool Table”, where you will find quality tops like JOOLA regulation conversion top or Martin Kilpatrick ping pong conversion top.

I have tried hard to depict every single detail on this topic. If you like, please share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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