Kettler Outdoor 10 Ping Pong Table Review

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Kettler Outdoor 10, a ping pong table is built for outdoors and despite that, it will give you indoor-like playability. Yes, the Outdoor 10 is for those ping pong lovers who would like to play under the sun and at the same don’t want to compromise with the quality of bounce. Apart from the high-end Cornilleau tables like the 600X, the Kettler Outdoor 10 has a new and improved locking system that can be operated by one hand at the time of opening and closing the table. At the same time, this premium outdoor table offers superior construction features and other additional facilities that make things more enjoyable for you.

Why is the Kettler Outdoor 10 a popular buyer’s choice in the price range of $1500 to $2000? Let’s see the specialties of this beautifully designed outdoor table tennis table.

Kettler outdoor 10 ping pong table

Rating (9.4/10)

Tabletop Technology9.5/10
Constructional Features9.5/10
Storage & Assembly9.0/10
Other Facilities9.5/10
Overall Rating9.4/10

Kettler Outdoor 10 Review

KETTLER Outdoor 10

Tabletop Technology     (10/10)

Play Dimensions9 ft x 5 ft x 2.5 ft (108” x 60” x 30”)
Storage Dimensions72” x 25” x 66”
Table Thickness22 mm (⅞”)
Tabletop MaterialResin-treated board in aluminum
Color OptionsGrey with blue marking lines

The main attraction of the Outdoor 10 is the 22 mm waterproof tabletop. Considering an outdoor ping pong table, it’s huge. The thick tabletop gives you the true bounce of an environment like indoors.

The non-glare, UV, and water-resistant tabletop is a combination of 6 different layers.

  1. Top Layer: UV-resistant coating
  2. Second Layer: 1st coating
  3. Third Layer: 2nd coating
  4. Fourth Layer: Aluminum top sheet
  5. Fifth Layer: Resin-treated board
  6. Sixth Layer: Alu-Tec underside

This proprietary technology not only seals the wood for years of durability but also maintains its true shape by resisting expansion and contraction due to climate changes. The water and wrap-resistant capacity give you unmatched playing excitement under the sky in any adverse weather condition. Moreover, the anti-glare and UV-resistant properties add a better experience when playing under the sun.

Constructional Features

To match the thick tabletop, Kettler has designed the Outdoor 10 with a strong 1.75” steel tubular apron. The apron is fitted under the outer edges to protect and support the tabletop so that the tabletop remains flat for years to come.

The 2” rectangular galvanized steel legs are sturdy enough to support the load of a 230 lbs ping pong table. Also, each leg is equipped with height adjusters that are very easy to operate. You can make the perfect alignment by simply rotating the screw in clockwise or ant-clockwise directions according to the inclination of the playing surfaces.

The Outdoor 10 is equipped with a professional-grade net system which is not only made with high-quality waterproof materials but also has easy tensioning and height adjustment arrangements. Additionally, the permanent net system relieves you from the additional work of attaching or detaching the net whenever it is required to assemble or store the table.

Storage and Assembly

Kettler outdoor 10 folded

It takes a little work to fold the table with the help of auto-foldable legs and a single-handed locking system. The storage size is 72”-L x 25”-W x 66”-H which looks very compact. There are four 5.5” rubber padded heavy-duty wheels that help easy transportation of this outdoor table from one position to another.

Assembling the outdoor 10 is not the easiest work. It is not like JOOLA or STIGA tables that come almost in preassembled condition. To complete the installation work of the Outdoor 10, you have to spend 90 – 150 minutes with the help of at least 2 supporting members. The video below may be helpful to you in presenting the sequential steps of the total assembling work.

How to Assemble a Kettler Classic 10 Indoor / Outdoor Table Tennis Table


Being an outdoor table, the durability depends on the weather-resistant capability and the sturdiness of the table. The proprietary Alu-Tech technology takes care of the tabletop to withstand rain, snow, heat, or dirt. The corrosion-resistant property of galvanized powder-coated coating enhances the durability of the steel structures. Also, the weight of 230 lbs indicates the high strength and sturdiness of the table which directly relates to its durability.


The Kettler Outdoor 10 is loaded with safety features, like

  • The innovative single-handed locking system secures the table half in an upright condition during storage or playback mode. 
  • Removable corner edge protectors are a nice addition to the table which not only help by safeguarding the players from accidental injuries against the sharp corners during play but also protect the table from damage during transportation.
  • Out of the 4, two wheels have the locking provision that prevents the table from being rolled out.

Other Facilities

  • Playback facility to practice alone by hitting the ball against the one-folded table half
  • There are ball boxes at both ends of the table from where the pre-filled balls can be taken in a single unit. This extra addition gives you the benefit of continuing the game for a longer duration without collecting the ball from here and there.
  • There are elastic band storage boxes at each side where you can put paddles, bottles, or bags.
  • To bring more delight, the table comes with four Kettler Halo 5.0 outdoor paddles, 12 ITTF-approved balls, and a Kettler premium outdoor table tennis cover

Price of Kettler Outdoor 10

The Kettler Outdoor 10 is not a cheap table. It lies in the segment of premium tables which cost around $2000. At present, the Outdoor 10 is available for $1850 at Megaspin which is slightly less when compared with its competitor the Cornilleau 600X priced at $2100.

Positives of Kettler Outdoor 10

  • 22 mm thick tabletop for true bounce
  • Scratch, fade, and UV-resistant tabletop
  • Easy opening and closing mechanism that can be operated by one hand
  • Beautifully designed and well made
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Tournament standard waterproof net and posts
  • Hassle-free permanent net system
  • Removable edge protectors
  • Compact storage solution
  • Provision of the ball dispenser, racket, and bag holder
  • Extra accessories: 4 paddles, 12 balls, and 1 cover
  • Warranty: 10 years for top and 3 years for frame 

Negatives of Kettler Outdoor 10

  • Time-consuming assembling work
  • Slightly bigger wheels would be advantageous for movement
  • The price is on the higher side which is justified for a premium table


The Kettler Outdoor 10 is a great investment if you are looking for a top-line outdoor table. It is a table of excellent playability, and good constructional features, has all the additional facilities, and is also great for safety. But if your intention is purely recreational, then considering the STIGA XTR Pro or JOOLA NOVA Pro Plus may be a wiser decision. Both the tables are priced around $800, where you will have a saving of $1000!

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