Cornilleau 600X Outdoor Ping Pong Table Review

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There has been an increasing trend in the popularity of Outdoor ping pong tables in recent years. It’s mainly due to two reasons. Nowadays people are getting more health conscious where the provision of an outdoor table will give them the necessary health and mental benefits and at the same time, they can enjoy the unmatched excitement of ping pong at their home only. To match the increasing demand, in 2021, Cornilleau, a top-level French table tennis table manufacturing company, released 600X Outdoor, which is an upgraded version of the most popular 500M Crossover. Cornilleau 600X Outdoor is a world-class high-quality premium table for $2100. This outdoor table is excellent in every field, i.e. rebound quality, sturdiness, longevity, safety, ease of storage, ease of operation, and value-added numerous facilities.

Cornilleau 600x outdoor ping pong table

Rating (9.6/10)

Tabletop Technology9.8/10
Constructional Features9.8/10
Storage & Assembly9.2/10
Other Facilities9.8/10
Overall Rating9.6/10

Cornilleau 600X Outdoor Review

Outdoor ping pong table 600X - Performance range

Tabletop Technology

Play Dimensions (L x W x H)108” x 66” x 30”
Folded Dimensions (L x W x H)30” x 66” x 61”
Table Thickness7 mm
Tabletop MaterialResin Laminate 
Scratch ResistantYes
Color OptionsBlue/ Black

The 600X Outdoor has a 7 mm thick resin laminated tabletop which is superior in terms of playability and durability to the traditional Aluminum-plastic composite top used by other manufacturing companies. The 7 mm thick top has a very good rebound quality that gives you the true bounce for a better playing experience with your forehand and backhand shots. At the same time, the finishing of the outer surface has been done with MATTOP, a top-quality coating with excellent anti-glare, scratch-resistant, and UV-resistant properties. The MATTOP coating is a perfect solution for playing under the sun where you will not be blinded by the glare of the sun.

Constructional Features

Frame MaterialAluzinc
Frame Thickness60 mm (2.36”)
Leg MaterialAluzinc
Leg DimensionsTapered / (120~80) – 80 mm/ 5”~3” – 3”
Height AdjusterYes (Collar type)
Net SystemRetractable waterproof net

The thicker the frame is, the better level of support the tabletop will get. To give a high level of support, the Cornilleau 600X is designed with a 60 mm thick frame which is rare to find in any table tennis tables of other brands. The material of the frame is Aluzinc which is a good quality corrosion-resistant alloy combined with aluminum, steel, and zinc materials.

The legs of the 600X look different from the tables of other brands. The legs are made with thick reinforced steel and are tapered in shape. One big problem the outdoor ping pong table faces is the perfect alignment on your garden, lawn, garage, or any other rough surfaces. To overcome this difficulty, there are swivel pads at the bottom of the legs which take their shapes according to the condition of different surfaces. This is a very unique concept that gives you the advantage of placing the table anywhere you like. Another innovative design is the collar-type height adjusters which give you the benefit of adjusting the table height by simply turning the collar without lifting the table.

Another noticeable feature of the 600X is the retractable net system. You need not worry about fixing the net each time you set up your table. When you unfold the table, the net automatically takes into position. You have to adjust the net height and tension with simple dialing systems.

Storage & Assembly

Folded 600x outdoor table tennis table

The Cornilleau 600X is very easy to fold and unfold with the help of a single-handed opening and closing mechanism. The folded shape is very compact with dimensions of 66” x 30” x 61” (L x W x H).  The bigger 200 mm heavy-duty double wheels take the responsibility to roll the 170 lbs folded table easily on any type of surface. The arrangement of transport handles helps you to lift the folded table with a little effort whenever there is an obstacle.

The addition of a large number of extra features demands time to assemble many segmented parts of the table. It almost takes 1.5 to 2 hours to complete the job with the assistance of 2 – 3 people. The 21-minute video uploaded by Cornilleau gives you a nice explanation of the sequence-wise step-by-step assembling procedures.

Comment monter votre table de ping-pong Cornilleau Cornilleau 600x - Tutoriel


The durability of an outdoor ping pong table heavily depends on the water-resistance capabilities, quality of materials used, and sturdiness. The thick resin laminated tabletop is capable to withstand heavy rain, heat, and snow. It can also resist the accidental heavy impact of paddles during play. All the structural parts not only are anti-corrosive but also have enough strength to survive against extreme windy conditions. The 10-year-long warranty that the 600X offers is an indication of the extreme longevity of this outdoor table.


To give the highest level of safety, the Conilleau 600X leaves no stone unturned. It has a 16-point (DSI) locking system to maximize safety during play and storage position. The highly-rated locking system is the best in the industry. The simplicity of the locking mechanism during open and folded conditions gives another dimension to this popular table.

Out of the 4 wheels, 2 diagonally opposite wheels consist of brakes that nullify the chances of movement during play or storage.

The beautifully designed corner protection pads protect players (especially children) from being injured against the sharp edges during play.

Other Facilities

The Conelleau 600X is loaded with many additional facilities that make things more enjoyable for outdoor play. 

The inclusion of ball dispensers at each end of the table helps to continue play without chasing the ball after each point. There are storage facilities on each side of the table where you can keep 4 paddles, 6 balls, bags, smartphones, and even your drinking water bottles. There are fold-away cup holders where you can put your energy drink for refreshment. The point counters fitted at each end help you to keep track of your points during the gameplay.

The table can also be used as a playback mode to practice alone when you are sort of your playing partners.

Price of Cornilleau 600X Outdoor

The 600X is a beautifully crafted premium outdoor table that has been designed with all modern facilities without compromising the quality of bounce. The price of this table is $2100 which is obviously on the higher side. But if you consider the great values and perfection that this table gives, it is more than justified. 

Positives of Cornilleau 600X Outdoor

  • Excellent rebound quality
  • Excellent playability under the sun due to superb anti-glare outer coating
  • Great support from the thick and strong frame
  • 16 points points-locking system is the best in the industry regarding safety
  • Oversized double wheels for easy transportation
  • Innovative height-adjusting system without lifting the table
  • Simple and easy opening/ closing mechanism
  • Well-built and highly durable
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Built with super durable water and impact-resistant materials
  • Easy to set on any type of surface, i.e. grass, soil, or gravel
  • The permanent net system with easy tensioning and height adjustment mechanisms
  • Presence of ball dispensers, storage facility of paddles, bags, and other accessories
  • 10 years long warranty

Negatives of Cornilleau 600X Outdoor

It is hard to find any negatives about the 600X Outdoor. The main concerning area is the high price of this outdoor table. But considering the unmatched values that the 600X offers, it is worthy of such a high price tag.


The 600X Outdoor is for those who are looking for a premium ping pong table that is the best in the market. The main highlights of the 600X are excellent playability, long durability, great safety features, and convenient facilities. It is a table of quality but simplicity. 

If you want to save some money, then you may consider the 500X Outdoor or 400X Outdoor with slightly lower configurations which are priced at $1900 and $1650 respectively.

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