Palio Legend 3 Table Tennis Racket Review

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The Palio Legend racket was first introduced in 2014. Palio Legend 3 is the third and latest version of the legend series. It is very surprising to see that this racket comes as one of the best offensive rackets just only within 6 years. This strongly proves the quality of Palio Legend 3.0. 

I have played with this racket for 6 months. My friends were astonished to see the ball coming from my racket with rocket speed. That is the great thing about this bat. But the negative aspect is that it is really hard to control the ball with such high speed. Palio Legend 3.0 is an excellent racket for offensive players who want to destroy their opponents with lethal speed and superb spin.

Palio legend 3 table tennis racket


  • Style: Shakehand
  • Blade: All wood Legend 3.0
  • Rubber:  Palio Hadou Rubber
  • Rubber Type: Inverted (Pimples-in)
  • Handle: Flared
  • Speed – 10/10
  • Spin – 9/10
  • Control – 6/10
  • Approval: ITTF
  • Carrying case: Yes

Palio Legend 2.0 Vs Palio Legend 3.0

Palio Legend 3 is the upgraded version of the Palio Legend 2 with some modifications.

  • The Legend 3.0 blade is redesigned for more feeling and control over Palio Legend 2.0 blade. This is evident by the control rating of 7/10 for Legend 3 which is 6/10 for Legend 2.
  • For better safety, the rubbers of Legend 3.0 are secured with a wider edge tape, though the option for replacing rubbers is still open.
  • A better racket-carrying case is included to make the latest model more attractive.

Overview of Palio Legend 3.0

Infographic of palio legend 3 table tennis racket

This Shakehand style offensive premade bat consists of a 5-ply all-wood blade and 2.0 mm thick ITTF-approved Palio Hadou rubbers.

Palio Legend 3.0 Blade

The blade is made with hardwood to rebound the ball with more energy to get the maximum speed out of the blade. The blade is also redesigned with more feeling than the previous Palio Legend 2.0 blade for better control.

Palio Legend 3.0 comes with a nice flared handle which gives you comfort to grip the racket.

Palio Hadou Tacky Rubber

Palio Hadou, the same as the earlier Legend 2, is a typical Chinese rubber. This rubber is very tacky and hard which you can classify as an ultra-offensive rubber. Due to the sticky nature of this Hadou rubber, the rubber grips the ball for a longer duration which enables you to generate high spin on soft strokes like serve and drop shots. And for power-hitting, the hard Hadou rubbers help to get maximum speed and spin out of this racket.

Positives of Palio Legend 3

  • Lethal Speed: The ultimate speed rating (10/10) marks it a bat for offensive players.
  • High Spin: This racket also gives you a high spin (9/10), be it on your serve or topspin play away from the table.
  • Reusable Blade: The added advantage of this racket is that you can easily replace the worn-out rubbers for reusing the blade.
  • Comfortable Grip: The flared handle gives you the easiness and comfort to hold the racket to utilize the power of this racket more effectively.
  • Budget-friendly: The price of this racket is within a reasonable bracket which makes it more popular.
  • Free carrying case: A free carrying case that comes with this racket helps protect rubbers for prolonged life.
  • Approved by ITTF: Palio Legend 3.0 is approved by ITTF, the governing body of table tennis. So you can play in any national or international tournament with this racket.

Negatives of Palio Legend 3

  • Not for Beginners: This racket is for players who have successfully covered the basic skills in table tennis.
  • Needs frequent cleaning: Due to high tackiness, dust may accumulate on rubbers which will damage the surface. So it needs frequent cleaning to maintain the stickiness of rubbers.
  • Slightly heavy-weight: The weight of this paddle is a little bit heavy to add more punch to your power shots.

About the Brand

Palio by ETT, a joint collaboration between Palio, a Chinese company, and UK-based Expert Table Tennis started production in the year 2014. Within a few years, this company has emerged as a top reputed brand for readymade table tennis rackets. This company offers three lines of bats, “Expert” (For Beginners), “Master” (For Intermediate Players), and “Legend” (For advanced players) which are strongly recommended by coaches all over the world. 

Wrapping Up

Palio Legend 3.0 is not for beginners. Players with decent techniques can only manage this excellent racket. With a lucrative price bracket, this outstanding racket is the right option for those aggressive players who want to put more speed and spin in their strokes.

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