JOOLA Infinity Overdrive: A Paddle of Great Value

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Joola infinity overdrive table tennis racket

JOOLA, a Germany-based company has a reputation for good quality table tennis equipment within a reasonable limit. JOOLA Infinity Overdrive is a real example of this reputation. It is a good offensive paddle, the construction of which is easily comparable with any premium table tennis racket. The Infinity Overdrive offers massive speed and spin that takes your aggressive game to the next level. The added advantage is that you can get this performer at a price of nearly $50 on Amazon, which is a very good value for money.

Who should consider this racket?Who should not consider this racket?
JOOLA Infinity Overdrive is beneficial for those Intermediate players who have gained enough expertise in basic skills of table tennis and are keener to finish the game in attacking mode.Beginners should stay out from opting for this offensive racket. Rather, a quality paddle that has excellent command over control, like Palio Expert 3.0 would be a better choice for them.


TypeOffensive (Shakehand)
Blade7-ply (5-ply Wood + 2 layers of Carbon Kevlar)
Blade Thickness6.1 mm
RubberJOOLA Micron 48
Type of RubberInverted (Pimples In)
Available Color OptionsBlack/Black & Black/Red rubber combination

Construction of JOOLA Infinity Overdrive

Constructional features of the infinity overdrive

To get into the insight of this paddle, the constructional features, and performances of the three components, i.e. the blade, rubber, and handle are highlighted below.


The most interesting part of JOOLA Infinity Overdrive is the construction of the blade. The blade consists of 5-ply of wood and 2 layers of Carbon-Kevlar. Three different kinds of premium woods i.e. Hinoki, Koto, and Ayous are used to increase the effectiveness of the blade.

Hinoki: Hinoki is treated as the golden wood for any kind of table tennis blade. This flexible wood is a combination of power and feeling, it gives you the best wood feeling. Hinoki wood has a very good reputation for great touch at low impact and faster throw at high impact.

Koto: Koto, a good topspin wood, is also effective for fast blocks and quick counter-hits.

Ayous: It is a lightweight ply that greatly balances the weight of the Hinoki veneers. The large-pored elastic Ayous wood exhibits good control over close-to-table play.

Kevlar is a high-strength, lightweight synthetic fiber. The stiff hybrid Carbon-Kevlar fiber gives the power and at the same time widens the sweet spot for more effective hitting. Also, it reduces vibrations to a great extent to give more stability to your shots.


To get the best combination of this high-performing blade, the Infinity Overdrive consists of good quality JOOLA Micron 48 tacky inverted (smooth) type rubbers. Due to the tackiness of the top sheet, the rubber grips the ball more during contact which is conducive for more spin on soft strokes, like in serves and pushes. The maximum sponge thickness of the ITTF-approved rubber helps to generate a good amount of speed and spin.

To get rid of the occasional peeling from the edges of rubbers, PVC side tape is pasted along the periphery of the blade.


The handle of the racket is flared type which is ergonomically designed and very comfortable to hold. The handle is well-designed and looks very premium. The width of the handle is larger towards the end to prevent slippage of the paddle from your hand.


JOOLA Infinity Overdrive is a well-built ping pong paddle that can boost your performance with powerful attacks and tricky spins. The paddle is equally good for playing away from the table and close to the table. You may be surprised by the trampoline effect of your topspin shots after pitching off the table. The command over control is sufficient considering the aggressive nature of the paddle, but it is not good enough for entry-level players to build consistency in their gameplay.

The manufacturer’s performance ratings (0 – 100) of three key attributes, i.e. speed, spin, and control also pinpoint the effectiveness of this powerful weapon.



The price of the Infinity Overdrive is very attractive considering the quality of the blade and rubbers that the paddle offers. At present, it is available at a very reasonable rate of $32.67 on Amazon and $43.95 on Megaspin (for Red Handle with Black/Black Rubber).

You also have the option to select other color combinations, i.e. Red Handle (Red/Black Rubber), Yellow Handle (Black/Black Rubber), and Yellow Handle (Red/Black Rubber).

Positives of JOOLA Infinity Overdrive

  • Very good for aggressive gameplay
  • Great for looping and smashing
  • The tacky surface helps to deal with more spin in your serves
  • Strong and well-built
  • Easy to replace worn-out rubbers
  • Good-quality protective side tape
  • Very comfortable grip
  • A reputed and trusted brand like JOOLA

Negatives of JOOLA Infinity Overdrive


JOOLA Infinity Overdrive is a very good option for offensive players as a transition racket to step up from the Intermediate to the advanced level. The affordable price of about $50 is very encouraging considering the price of the equally valued paddles of other brands.

But new players will face difficulty dealing with the bouncy and speedy nature of the paddle. Also for all-rounders, a racket with equal parity of speed, spin, and control like Palio Master or STIGA Evolution would be more beneficial.

The last but important noticeable thing is that the Infinity Overdrive is available in two color options, black rubbers on both sides and black/red rubber on each side. Though the first option (black/black) gives a trendy look and also is more popular for recreational play, you must choose the second (black/red) option if you want to play tournaments with this racket.


JOOLA Infinity Overdrive, a quality racket combined premium composite 7-ply blade and tacky JOOLA Micron 48 rubbers is a great option mainly for intermediate players to utilize the full potential of their offensive gameplay. Moreover, the paddle is very comfortable to hold and offers great value for money.

  • Excellent speed & spin

  • Nice grip

  • Great Value for money

  • Not for beginners

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