What is the Official Table Tennis Net Height?

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Whenever we think about table tennis (also known as ping pong), we often neglect the importance of a net, specifically maintaining the proper table tennis net height. If the height is not right, it may be possible that the tiny, light balls may fall on the other side when hit with tons of speed and spin. These lucky points are not at all healthy for the competitive environment.

What are the Rules for Table Tennis Net Height?

A table tennis net is the central divider of the table to acts as an obstacle for passing the ball from one half to the other half. The objective of the table tennis net height is to make the game more entertaining and challenging. If the net is too high, it will be very difficult to bounce the ball on the table. On the other way, if the height is too low, it will be hard to differentiate between a good and a not-so-good player.

ITTF (International Table Tennis Federation), the governing authority, has set some rules on this matter.

  • The net assembly consists of a net, two supporting posts, a suspension arrangement, and clamps for the purpose of attachment to the table.
  • The top of the net is attached with a cord throughout its length. The cord is attached with 15.25 cm high upright posts at each end with proper tension to maintain an equal net height throughout the width of the table.
  • The clamps are fixed to the table in such a way that the outside limit shall not cross 15.25 cm outside the side of the table.
  • The height of the net must be 15.25 cm (6″) above the surface of the table.
  • The bottom of the net should be as close as the table surface.
  • The net should be attached with posts from top to bottom to stay in proper tension.

What is the Height of a Table Tennis Net in Inches and CM?

Table tennis net height measurement

The below table shows the official table tennis net height in inches and cm.

Net Height615.25

The net height is the same throughout the width of the table. So the height of a table tennis net in the middle is 6″ (15.25 cm) and also at the ends is 6″ (15.25 cm).

What are the Types of Table Tennis Nets?

In general, there are three types of net.

  1. Retractable
  2. Clip-on 
  3. Professional Grade

Retractable Net

Retractable table tennis net

This type of net may be used only for recreational purposes. Retractable nets are easy to attach to the table with the help of a push-button fixed at the end. These nets are of adjustable length, so you use them according to your table size. You can also easily carry these portable nets with you anywhere. But ITTF does not approve these on-to-go nets, so you can’t use them in competitive tournaments.

Clip-on Net

Clip system ping pong net

As the name suggests, this type of net uses a spring-activated clip system for fixing the posts with the table. These easy-to-attach clip-on nets are used in both recreational clubs and competitions.

Professional Grade Net

Professional grade net system

These nets are tournament standard and offer the best playability. This high-quality net consists of a rubber-padded clamp that can be easily tightened against a regulation table by a screw-on system.

How to Measure the Height of a Table Tennis Net?

Table tennis net gauge
Table Tennis Net Gauge

This can be easily done by using a simple steel/ plastic tool, i.e. table tennis net gauge. After fixing the net against the table, position the gauge (15.25 cm height) at several locations over the net cord and adjust the height so that the bottom of the gauge just touches the table surface to ensure the correct height.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the common materials used for a table tennis net?

Reinforced cotton, nylon mesh, and plastic are the most common materials used for a net.

2. What is the standard length of a table tennis net?

As per ITTF guidelines, the official length of a table tennis net is 6 ft (1.83 m).

3. Can indoor nets be used for outdoor tables?

The netting mesh and posts should be tough and water-resistant for the use of outdoor tables. Some nets are made for both indoor and outdoor use. Otherwise, it is always better to use nets specifically made for outdoor conditions.

4. Is it necessary to buy a net separately when buying a new table tennis table?

Nowadays, all manufacturers include a net as a supplementary item with a brand-new ping pong table. If you are not satisfied with the quality of the supplied net, or if the net is damaged in the long run, you need to buy a new ping pong net as per your requirements.

5. What is the color of a table tennis net?

The color of a net should be dark blue, dark green, or black with a white strap, not wider than 15 mm, along the top edge.

6. How can I manage if my portable net is damaged?

It is hard to find nets according to your specific requirements, for mid-size or mini tables. In that case, a good quality retractable net is the best option as this type of net is portable, easy to set, and most importantly has an adjustable length.

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