Killerspin Jet 600 Table Tennis Paddle Review

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Killerspin jet 600 table tennis racket
  • Excellent Spin

  • Great for topspin play

  • Great for allrounders

  • ITTF approved

  • Not for entry level players

2011 Killerspin Table Tennis Paddle Review | JET600 Ping Pong Paddle

Killerspin Jet 600 has a combination of a 5-ply wood blade and 2.0 mm thick Nitrx-4Z rubbers. The combination of three premium kinds of wood makes the blade thinner and denser for a more feel and precise placement of the ball. The thin topsheet helps penetrate the ball more into the sponge and react with more energy that ends with high speed and spin. The tacky rubber generates more spin with a little effort. This quality paddle is for beginners and intermediate all-rounders with a balanced combination of spin, speed, and control.

Killerspin jet 600 paddle

Killerspin Jet 600 Racket Review

Killerspin Jet 600 is the most balanced paddle in the Jet series in terms of spin, speed, and control. The purpose of designing this balanced paddle is to aim the advanced beginners and intermediate players to upgrade their rackets which eventually helps them learn advanced skills in table tennis.


  • Blade: 5 layers of wood ply
  • Rubber: Nitrx-4Z inverted rubber
  • Sponge: 2.1 mm thick 
  • Speed: 8.0
  • Spin: 9.0
  • Control: 8.5
  • Style: Shakehand
  • Handle: FL (Flared)
  • Weight: 175 grams
  • Warranty: 30 days
  • ITTF Approved
  • Rating: 9.4/10

Overview of Killerspin Jet 600

Construction of the killerspin jet 600 ping pong paddle
Construction of Jet 600
Performance of the jet 600 racket
Performance of Jet 600

All-Wood Blade

Killerspin Jet 600 consists of a 5-ply all-wood Shakehand style blade. Three types of premium wood are used to give the blade a more ‘feel’ at the time of hitting the ball. The dense structure of the complementary woods makes it perfect for the precise placement of the ball with more accuracy blended with power when it is needed.

Nitrx-4Z Inverted Rubber

This Jet 600 racket features Killerspin’s ITTF-approved high-tension Nitrx-4x rubber. The thinner top sheet of the high-tension rubber provides the sponge extra energy for the required pace of the ball even at low impact. The tacky top sheet not only generates high spin on soft strokes but also is more forgiving while countering the spinny strokes

The sponge thickness is 2.1 mm is ideal for the thinner blade of jet 600 for the necessary springing action to throw the ball with high speed and spin.

Ergonomic Flared Handle

This Shakehand style racket features a flared (FL) type handle so that you can hold the racket most conveniently. The enlarged portion towards the end of the racket prevents it from falling out of your hand.

Storage Box

Killerspin Jet 600 includes a gift-worthy storage box that is nice to protect your paddle when it is not in use.


The price of the Jet 600 is quite reasonable if you compare it with the quality of this paddle. This all-rounder racket is available at a price of $59.39 on Amazon.

Positives of Killerspin Jet 600

  • Lightweight
  • Excellent Spin
  • Balanced Racket: This paddle has the perfect balanced combination of speed, spin, and control for players with all-round ability.
  • Thinner Blade: This dense structure of three different types of wood makes it the thinnest blade in the Jet series for maximum feel to place the ball with accuracy.
  • Celebrated Nitrx-4Z rubber: The high-tension 2.1 mm thick rubber is for increased spin and power.
  • ITTF Approved: The approval from ITTF makes this paddle eligible for playing tournaments.
  • Warranty: It is good to see that this paddle covers a warranty period of 30 days.
  • Prompt customer service

Negatives of Jet 600 

  • Slightly higher priced

Killerspin Jet 600 Vs Jet 200 Vs Jet 800

The comparison with Jet 200, and Jet 800, the other two popular Jet series paddles, highlights the suitability for the different styles of play.

FeaturesKillerspin Jet 200Killerspin Jet 600Killerspin Jet 800
Blade5-ply wood5-ply wood(5 W + 2C)
RubberJet BasicNitrx-4ZNitrx-4Z
Playing StyleMore priority on controlAll-roundOffensive
Playing LevelBeginnersAdvanced Beginners and Intermediate PlayersIntermediate and Advanced Players

About the Brand: Killerspin

Killerspin entered the table tennis industry in 2001 and within a short span of time, this company has established itself as a very reputed brand. Killerspin has delighted this world with quality table tennis equipment, especially the feature-rich Jet series paddles.


This Killerspin Jet 600 is the most balanced racket among the Jet series. The most attractive feature of this paddle is the capability of massive spin generation. The lightweight is also an added advantage for looping lovers. A perfect blend of the three attributes, i.e. spin, speed, and control eases advanced beginners and intermediate players to upgrade their rackets.

For any reason, if are not interested in Jet 600, there are other good alternatives like Palio Master 3.0 and Stiga Evolution. You may also check my article on “Best Ping Pong Paddles” for more options.

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