How Much Does a Ping Pong Table Cost?

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The question of “How much does a ping pong table cost” depends on the buyer’s perspective. On average, the cost of a table tennis table is approx. 600 dollars. It’s really expensive and the range of prices is also huge. Roughly, it starts from 150 to 3000 dollars. It’s a massive price difference. Why there is such an inequality in prices? What is the reason for such a high price? These questions often arise in the mind of buyers before selection which is very critical from the buying decision. This article comes with the solution with all these answers to satisfy all of your queries.

What is the Cost of a Ping Pong Table?

The price of ping pong tables depends on the following factors.

  1. Type (Indoor, Outdoor, Portable, Conversion Top)
  2. The thickness of the tabletop
  3. The sturdiness of the undercarriage
  4. Brand value

1. Type of Ping Pong Tables

According to your playing conditions, Ping pong tables are classified into two categories, indoor and outdoor.

Outdoor tables are costlier than indoors. The tabletop of an outdoor table is made with metal plastic composite materials with a superior coating (normally Melamine) for protection against moisture and heat. The undercarriage of outdoor tables is made with quality water-resistant materials with an additional coating. This type of table is often placed in a garden, or patio which needs bigger wheels for better transportation. All those additional requirements make outdoor tables more expensive. Also, recreation tables come with additional facilities like paddle holders, and ball storage arrangements which add to the total cost of a ping pong table.

Example: JOOLA United Pro Outdoor ($650)

Joola united pro outdoor ping pong table

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For indoor tables, the tabletops are made of wood and the undercarriage parts need not be as strong as outdoor tables due to protective weather conditions. Also, due to fewer chances of movement from one place to another, there is less importance on bigger wheels. So the cost of an indoor ping pong table is always lower than an outdoor table.

Example: JOOLA United Pro 15 ($550)

Joola united pro 15 table tennis table

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Portable tables are small-sized indoor tables that not only need smaller space but also are highly affordable.

Example: JOOLA Midsize ($142)

Joola midsize compact ping pong table

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As the name suggests, conversion tops are placed on permanent structures like dining tables or pool tables for playing ping pong. The price of this category table is almost half of a standard-size indoor table.

Example: JOOLA Tetra ($250)

2. Thickness of Tabletop

The thickness determines the quality of a table tennis table. Thicker tables (25 mm) are superior in uniformity, consistency, and bounce quality. These tournament standard tables are good for serious learning whereas 15/ 19 mm tables are suitable for recreational activities. The blow table depicts the difference in the price of JOOLA tables in three variants, 25 mm, 18 mm & 15mm.

JOOLA Tour 2500 (25 mm)JOOLA Tour 1800 (18 mm)JOOLA Tour 1500 (15 mm)

3. The Sturdiness of Undercarriage

The strength needed for undercarriage parts ∝ Tabletop thickness

That means, the thicker the tabletop, the sturdier structural parts are needed to support heavier load which adds to the overall cost of thicker tables.

4. Brand Value

The cost of a ping pong table also depends on the reputation of the manufacturers. Butterfly tables are priced higher than almost equally good STIGA or JOOLA ping pong tables. Premium outdoor tables from Cornilleau / Kettler lie at the top of the price range because of improved materials, superior technologies, and additional features like paddle and ball holders. The below table shows the prices of tables of some reputed brands.


Butterfly Easyplay 22 ($1687.49)

JOOLA Inside 25 ($644.95)

How Much Does a Ping Pong Table Cost?

The selection of a ping pong table costing in the range of $150 to $3000 solely depends upon your requirements and preferences. If you are a recreational player, a table within 500 dollars may satisfy you. If you have a scarcity of space in your rooms, a $200 mini table/ conversion top is the best option. Even if you are a serious player, a budget of $650 – $1000 is good for you. Costly tables over 1000 dollars are needed for tournaments, clubs, or academies for heavy uses.

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