Butterfly Tenergy 05 Table Tennis Rubber Review

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Butterfly Tenergy 05, a table tennis rubber that defines itself, is the no. 1 choice for advanced players who love topspin play. Butterfly Tenergy 05 is the first of the famous Tenergy series that was introduced in the year 2008. After the ban of speed glue in the year 2007, Tenergy 05, brings the same effect of increased spin and speed with its revolutionary technology. This rubber is widely popular among pro players including the legend, Timo Ball.

Tenergy 05 table tennis rubber


  • Class: High-Tension Pimples-in
  • Surface: Inverted
  • Speed: 130
  • Spin: 115
  • Control: 69
  • Weight: 68 grams (Medium-Heavy)
  • Hardness: Medium Hard
  • Throw angle: High
  • Gears: Many Gears
  • Durability: High
  • Thickness: 1.7mm, 1.9mm, and 2.1mm
  • Made in Japan

Overview of Butterfly Tenergy 05

There is an excellent visual explanation of Butterfly Tenergy 05 rubber from Table TennisDaily.

Butterfly Tenergy 05 Rubber Review | Featuring Michael Maze

Tenergy 05 is the result of the revolutionary technology of the world-famous brand, Butterfly, which features spring sponge technology, high-tension rubber, improved pimple structure, and tacky surface.

Spring Sponge Technology

Spring sponge technology of butterfly tenergy 05

In other rubbers, the energy of the incoming ball is absorbed during the impact with the racket. So you have to enforce the energy by your effort to get the desired result. But in Tenergy 05, with the introduction of spring sponge technology, the flexibility and elasticity of the rubber are enhanced as it behaves like a spring. Due to this nature, during the impact, the ball sinks into the rubber and then rebounds with the energy for higher speed and spin.

High Tension

High tension tenergy rubber

The tension in the Tenergy rubbers has been increased up to 300% more than a classic rubber. The high tension in the rubber and sponge redirects the energy to the ball after the impact for a higher bounce. That results in a high trajectory of the ball.

Pimple Structure

The width and the height of the pimples are widely tested and combined with the spring sponge to introduce this Tenergy series which becomes the first choice of the advanced aggressive players.

Positives of Butterfly Tenergy 05

  • Excellent Speed: The spring sponge technology incorporated with the high tension results in an amazing speed. 
  • Superb Spin: The refined pimple structure along with the spring sponge technology enhances spin to a great amount.
  • Decent Control: Despite the high speed and spin, the rubber shows decent control with proper technique.
  • Durability: Though it is a high-tension rubber, the durability is on the higher side with an average of 6-12 months.
  • High Trajectory: This high-tension rubber imparts a high trajectory to the ball which is preferable to topspin players.

The Negatives of Butterfly Tenergy 05

  • Expensive: This is one of the most expensive rubbers available on the market
  • Not for beginners: This rubber is not for everyone. Players with decent techniques can only manage this responsive rubber. It is hard for beginners and intermediate players to control strokes with this rubber.

Variants of Butterfly Tenergy Rubbers

There is a series of Butterfly Tenergy rubbers that starts with the origin, Tenergy 05 in 2008. Each Tenergy rubber is developed according to the preferences of the aggressive players. All Tenergy exhibits the highest level of speed, spin, and control. At present, there are 05 variants of Butterfly Tenergy rubbers. These are Tenergy 19, Tenergy 80, Tenergy 64, Tenergy 25, and Tenergy 05.

Variants of Butterfly Tenergy 05

There are also two other variants of the Tenergy 05 with slight differences in rubber characteristics.

Tenergy 05 FX

Tenergy 05 fx table tennis rubber

Butterfly Tenergy 05 FX differs from Tenergy 05 with a slight difference in the sponge characteristics. In the FX version, the sponge is 4° softer and 5% lighter than the original Tenergy. This brings reduced weight to the racket and increases control with a softer feel. But the trajectory of the ball is less than the original Tenergy due to less spin.

Tenergy 05 Hard

Tenergy 05 Hard induces more stiffness to the sponge keeping the other characteristics of the rubber same as the original Tenergy. The focus is to impart more power to match the preferences of the pro players.

Wrapping Up

Tenergy 05 is a highly tested rubber that has retained its top spot for more than 10 years. It sets the benchmark with which every good rubber is compared. It is a gem that fulfills every inch of the satisfaction level of the topspin players with the kind of speed and spins it can generate. Tenergy 05 is a perfect looping machine.

The downside is its higher price tag. But despite the higher price, players prefer this rubber as there are no other alternatives that can match the combined effect of the highest level of speed, spin, and control.

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