12 Most Expensive Ping Pong Paddles in 2023

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Why are you interested in the most expensive ping pong paddle? Because you want to boost your performance with the extra power of a racket. But does it really serve your purpose?

In this real world, there is a simple relationship between price vs quality. You get what you pay for. Though the same is true for a table tennis racket, it hugely depends on your playing level. Actually, the most expensive paddles are meant for the advanced players, the professionals. A beginner does not at all get benefits from these costly paddles. Rather, the extra advantage restricts them from the development of arm and leg movement which is essential in the early stages.

However, expensive rackets can play a bigger role as an ‘X” factor in competitive matches. Most of the expensive paddles are from Butterfly and Killerspin as these manufacturers’ equipment is always priced high due to the unique design, better quality, and high brand value.

Check the reviews of the 12 most explosive ping pong paddles, constructed with modern innovative technologies and better quality materials.

Most Expensive Ping Pong Paddle: Comparison Chart

1. Butterfly Zhang Jike Super ZLC
Proline w/Bryce High Speed
2. Butterfly Zhang Jike ZLC
Proline w/Tenergy 64
3. Killerspin Stilo7 SVROFF++$349.99
3. Butterfly Timo Boll ALC
Proline w/Tenergy 05
5. Butterfly Viscaria Proline w/Tenergy 05OFF+$344.97
6. Killerspin RTG Diamond TC PremiumOFF+$259.99
7. Butterfly TB7 ProlineOFF+$172.07
8. Killerspin Kido 5A RTG PremiumAll-round$154.99
9. STIGA Pro Carbon+OFF+$138
10. DHS HURRICANE-IIAll-round$129.69
11. Killerspin Kido 5AAll-round$127.99
12. JOOLA Spinforce 900OFF+$119

1. Butterfly Zhang Jike Super ZLC Proline w/Bryce High Speed/ Most Expensive Ping Pong Paddle

Butterfly zhang jike super zlc proline w/bryce high speed, the most expensive ping pong paddle
BladeZhang Jike Super ZLC
Rubber2.1 mm Bryce High Speed
Manufacturer’s RatingSpeed: 100, Spin: 85, Control: 75
ITTF ApprovedYes

Butterfly Zhang Jike Super ZLC Proline w/Bryce High Speed, priced at $525.97, is the most expensive ping pong paddle in the world at present. Why is this paddle so expensive? The reason is that it has the combination of the most explosive blade and rubbers. Take a look at the assembled parts:

  • Blade: Zhang Jike Super ZLC Blade (5W + 2 Super ZL Carbon)
  • Rubbers: Bryce High Speed (Speed: 14.50, Spin: 10.30, Sponge Thickness: 2.1 mm, Hardness: 35)

The Zhang Jike Super ZLC is the costliest blade to date, the fibers in SZLC are nearly 2 times denser than the ZL blade. This super blade uses the power of carbon and the flexibility of ZL fiber which not only give you massive power but also good control over an extended sweet spot.

The high-tension Bryce High Speed is the fastest rubber in the butterfly family. Also, the thin top sheet grips the ball for a longer duration to impart high spin along with explosive speed.

2. Butterfly Zhang Jike ZLC Proline w/Tenergy 64/ 2nd Most Expensive Ping Pong Paddle

Butterfly zhang jike zlc proline w/tenergy 64, 2nd most expensive table tennis racket
BladeZhang Jike Super ZLC Blade
RubberButterfly Tenergy 64
ITTF ApprovedYes

This is the 2nd most expensive table tennis racket, priced at $429.97 uses the same Super ZLC blade pasted with the Tenergy 64, the fastest rubber of the Tenergy series.

  • Blade: Zhang Jike Super ZLC Blade (5W + 2 Super ZL Carbon)
  • Rubbers: Tenergy 64 (Speed: 13.50, Spin: 10.50, Sponge Thickness: 2.1 mm, Hardness: 36)

The Tenergy 64 is a high-tension rubber incorporated with Butterfly’s famous spring sponge technology. This medium-hard rubber has a high-speed ratio with a lower throw angle and is suitable for smashing, and powerful topspin.

This expensive racket is excellent for power attacks from mid-distance with a fair amount of control. Due to the less responsive nature of the rubber, it is easy to counter your opponent’s incoming spin.

3. Killerspin Stilo7 SVR Ping Pong Paddle/ 3rd Most Expensive Ping Pong Paddle

Killerspin stilo7 svr, 3rd most expensive ping pong paddle
Blade6 Carbon Fiber + 2 Glass Fiber + Kiri Wood
RubberNitrix Rubber
HandleFlared/ Straight
Manufacturer’s RatingSpeed: 11.5, Spin: 9.0, Control: 8.7
ITTF ApprovedNo

Killerspin Stilo7 SVR, the 3rd most expensive ping pong paddle has a nice blackish, stylish look. This fastest racket in the world consists of a carbon blade and high-performing Nitrix rubbers. The combination of carbon and glass fibers makes the racket extremely lightweight. The paddle is crafted with high precision. The flared handle looks very premium. It gives you the ultimate comfort to hold the racket.

This cool paddle is the powerhouse in the racket industry. The downside is that the provision of black-colored rubbers on both sides makes this racket illegal to play in ITTF-approved tournaments.

4. Butterfly Timo Boll ALC Proline w/Tenergy 05

Butterfly timo boll alc proline with tenergy 05, 4th most expensive ping pong paddle
BladeTimo Boll AlC
RubberTenergy 05
ITTF ApprovedYes

This assembled racket is the combination of two revolutionary and popular blades and rubbers, i.e Timo Boll AlC and Tenergy 05.

Blade: Timo Boll ALC (5W + 2 layers Arylate Caron)

Rubbers: Tenergy 05 (Speed: 13, Spin: 11.5, Sponge Thickness: 2.1 mm, Hardness: 36)

In the Timo Boll ALC, you will have a softer feel and slightly less speed than the previous ZLC blade. But the higher spin capability makes ALC blades perfect for topspin play. Tenergy 05, undoubtedly the most popular rubber is ultimate for topspin play with a higher throw angle. The grippy rubber can generate a havoc spin.

This 4th most expensive ping pong paddle is the best for powerful topspin play, close or away from the table. The countering of backspin with topspin is much easier. The downside is that it requires sufficient techniques to control the responsive, sensitive spinning machine.   

5. Butterfly Viscaria Proline w/Tenergy 05

Butterfly viscaria proline with tenergy 05 table tennis racket
BladeButterfly Viscaria
RubberTenergy 05
HandleFlared/ Straight
ITTF ApprovedYes

Butterfly Viscaria Proline with Tenergy 05 is an assembled racket with Viscaria, the most popular blade, and Tenergy 05, the most popular rubber in table tennis. The Viscaria blade has the same composition as the Timo Boll ALC blade, only the difference is that the handle and wings of the Viscaria are slightly wider than the ALC blade.

Blade: Viscaria (5W + 2 layers Arylate Caron)

Rubbers: Tenergy 05 (Speed: 13, Spin: 11.5, Sponge Thickness: 2.1 mm, Hardness: 36)

Like the previous ALC with Tenergy 05 Proline, this high-priced racket (same composition as the ALC & Tenergy 05 Proline) can generate enormous spin and is excellent for topspin play with lots of power.  

6. Killerspin RTG Diamond TC Premium

RTG diamond tc premium paddle from killerspin
Blade(5W + 2 Titanium Carbon) Veneer
Rubber2.0 mm Fortissimo Rubber
HandleFlared/ Straight
Manufacturer’s RatingSpeed: 10, Spin: 9.4, Control: 8.2
ITTF ApprovedYes

The RTG Diamond TC Premium, a top-grade ping pong paddle, is designed for top players who need explosive power on their strokes. The RTG Diamond is a 7 layers composite blade consisting of 5 layers of composite wood and 2 layers of superior-quality Titanium Carbon composite alloy. This offensive plus blade offers extreme speed, while the innovative Fortissimo Rubber is excellent for topspin players.

Though this expensive paddle is meant for offensive attacks, the control rating is also good. You can opt for this explosive racket in two variants, Flared, and Straight according to your preference.

7. Butterfly TB7 Proline

TB7 proline racket from butterfly
Blade7-ply Wooden TB7 Butterfly Blade
Rubber2.1 mm Butterfly Rozena Rubber
ITTF ApprovedYes

Butterfly TB7 Proline is a good choice for intermediate players before trying an offensive plus racket. This paddle uses a combination of the TB7 blade and 2.1 mm thick Rozena rubbers. TB7 is a 7-ply all-wood medium-fast blade that is good for a balanced attack. The medium-hard Rozena rubber is one-step below in terms of aggression than the famous Tenergy rubbers. The stability of this high-tension rubber gives a higher margin of error to build up confidence in the gameplay.

8. Killerspin Kido 5A RTG Premium

Kido 5a rtg premium, one of the most expensive ping pong paddle from killerspin
Blade5W Veneer
Rubber2.0 mm Fortissimo Rubber
Manufacturer’s RatingSpeed: 9.9, Spin: 9.4, Control: 9.2
ITTF ApprovedYes

The Kido 5A RTG Premium is an excellent paddle from Killerspin that gives the best combination for controlled power. It consists of a 5-ply blade made with premium quality wood and innovative Fortissimo rubbers. This medium-hard sticky rubber is very forgiving and is often compared with Tenergy 05 for its capability of producing havoc speed and spin.

This premium paddle is great for powerful topspin play. Also, defensive shots like blocks and pushes are easy to play with this racket. If you are fancy spending for a high-priced paddle, this Kido 5A RTG Premium is an excellent option for all-round play with powerful topspin, better feeling, and precise placement.

9. STIGA Pro Carbon+

Stiga pro carbon+, one of the most expensive table tennis racket
Blade5W + 2C Veneer
Rubber2.0 mm STAR5
Manufacturer’s RatingSpeed: 105, Spin: 100, Control: 33
ITTF ApprovedYes

STIGA Pro Carbon+, a successor of the most popular Pro Carbon, has been designed to provide more competitive advantages. The composite blade uses touch carbon technology to effectively utilize more area for a cleaner hit. The high-quality ITTF-approved STAR5 rubber incorporated with ACS technology has the springy effect to generate a high amount of spin. The handle uses the WRB technology for a head-heavy balance to give more punch to your hits.

This is an offensive plus racket where you will get tons of speed and spin but at the cost of control. The specially designed concave handle gives you the comfort to hold and the lightweight of this Pro Carbon Plus makes it easier for looping which covers a higher percentage of shots for aggressive advanced players. 

10. DHS HURRICANE-II Tournament Ping Pong Paddle

DHS hurricane-II table tennis racket
Blade5W Veneer
Rubber2.0 mm Hurricane 3 Blue Sponge (Red) + 2.0 mm DHS G555 (Black)
ITTF ApprovedYes

DHS Hurricane-II, an all-round paddle, gives you the best combination of speed, spin, and control. This racket is made with a 5-ply wooden blade. The most advantageous feature of this paddle is the use of two distinct quality rubbers on the two different sides of the blade. The red-colored 2.0 mm thick Hurricane 3 blue sponge is great for offensive play on the forehand side and the 2.0 mm black G555 is great for control on the backhand side. Both are typically Chinese rubbers, i.e. very sticky in nature.

Another good thing about DHS Hurricane-II is its extreme durability. The rubbers remain playable for a very long duration before they may be changed.

Though the price of this quality racket is fairly high, it can benefit not only the advanced players but also the intermediates with massive speed and spin on forehand strokes and good defensive capabilities on the backhand play.

11. Killerspin Kido 5A

Killerspin kido 5a paddle
Blade5W Veneer
HandleFlared/ Straight
Manufacturer’s RatingSpeed: 8.0, Spin: 9.0, Control: 8.3
ITTF ApprovedYes

Killerspin Kido 5A has the same design aspect as the Kido Premium model, but with more priority to intermediate players to give them command over their strokes. The combination of the 5-ply premium blade, Nitrx-4Z rubbers gives massive spin and outstanding control. The Kido 5A is not as good as a carbon paddle in terms of speed, but with the capability of producing tons of spin with amazing control, this reliable paddle will certainly gear up your game to the next level.

12. JOOLA Spinforce 900

Joola spinforce 900, one of the most expensive table tennis racket
Blade(5W + 2C) Veneer
Rubber2.2 mm New Infinity Rubber
Manufacturer’s RatingSpeed: 105, Spin: 112, Control: 78
ITTF ApprovedYes

The last on the list of most expensive table tennis rackets is the JOOLA Spinforce 900. The Spinforce 900, the most advanced racket of JOOLA’s Spinforce series has been designed with the aim to bridge the gap between a recreational player and an advanced player. It has 7 layers of carbon composite blade pasted with the improved 2.2 mm thick infinity rubbers. The stiff carbon blade imparts high speed while the maximum rubber thickness of the Spinforce 900 helps to override your opponent with a massive spin. 

In spite of the offensive nature of this paddle, it also has commendable control which helps less advanced players to master heavier spins. The nice flared handle fits well into the hand and is very comfortable to hold.

What Makes a Good Ping Pong Paddle?

A good ping pong paddle is a relative term, the term, “Good” or “Bad” depends upon your playing style and ability. Different combinations of blades and rubbers are needed according to the paying styles, i.e. offensive, all-rounder, and defensive.


The defensive or offensive capability of a blade depends on the no. of piles, generally 3, 5, or 7, types of veneer, i.e. wooden or carbon composite, and the types of materials used. To make it easier to select, table tennis blades are classified into three categories, DEF, ALL, and OFF with variations (+) ve and (-) ve so that you can pick the right one according to your needs.

  • The addition of carbon or glass fibers with wooden layers makes the racket lighter but stiffens the outer surface for an enlarged sweet spot. These composite blades are very offensive in nature and don’t have the feeling that you can expect from a wooden blade.
  • Out of the three types of handles, Fl (Flared), AN (Anatomic), ST (Straight), FL, and ST are the most popular. FL blades are popular among players who rely on forehand power while ST blades are preferred for a quick switch over from forehand to backhand or vice versa.

For more information, you may go through my article, “The Best Table Tennis Blades to Buy in 2022”.


A table tennis rubber consists of a top sheet and a sponge. There are many characteristics that affect the performance of rubber. The most important considerations are

  • Sponge Thickness: The thickness of a sponge has a huge impact to determine the characteristic of rubber. Thicker sponges are good for speed and spin whereas thinner sponges have better control but lack speed.
  • Sponge Hardness: Harder rubbers give you more speed but less control whereas a soft rubber does the reverse. In terms of spin, a harder rubber gives you more spin at high speed whereas softer rubbers generate high spin at low speed.
  • Top Sheet Chemistry: Out of the three types of top sheets, pimples in, pimples out, and anti-spin, pimples-in (Smooth or inverted) rubbers are more popular due to their capability to produce a wide range of shots.

For more information on the top sheet geometry, sponge formula, and tensor rubber, check my article, “The 16 Best Table Tennis Rubbers in 2022”.

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I am a table tennis enthusiast and with a playing experience of 20 years, I like to share what I have learned for the development of skills in the early stages and proper equipment reviews for the best outcome. For any queries, mail me at info@tabletennisarena.com

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