STIGA Evolution Review: Is the Best All-Round Table Tennis Racket?

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STIGA Evolution, a premade table tennis racket, is the second best seller after the famous Pro Carbon. While STIGA Pro Carbon impresses for its aggressive nature, STIGA Evolution is for consistency. It is ideal for beginners and pre-intermediate players in the advanced phase of developing techniques.

This all-round ping pong paddle has an overwhelming response from buyers, rated 4.6/5 out of over 2000 ratings on Amazon. This shows its credibility as a good table tennis equipment. Why it is so popular? This review of STIGA Evolution explores all the technical details to evaluate its performance to make the selection easier for you.

STIGA Evolution Table Tennis Racket: At a Glance

Stiga evolution ping pong paddle
  • Excellent Control

  • Good Spin

  • ITTF Approved

  • Not for Aggressive Players

STIGA Evolution ping pong paddle consists of a 6-ply all-wood blade and 2.0 mm thick rubber. The FL handle is designed with WRB technology to make the racket lightweight. The racket is a combination of several innovative technologies that result in massive control with moderate speed and good spin. STIGA Evolution is a game changer for players of all-round ability.


BladeAll Wood (6-ply)
RubberSTIGA Premium
Sponge Thickness2.0 mm
Rubber TypeInverted
HandleFlared (FL)
Weight159 grams (0.35 lbs)
ITTF ApprovalYes

Review of STIGA Evolution Table Tennis Racket

STIGA Evolution is designed to emphasize control while maintaining decent speed and good spin


Construction of the stiga evolution paddle


It is a 6-ply lightweight wooden blade consisting of Ayous, Awan, and Kiri woods. 

Ayous: It is a lightweight ply with large pores. Due to its elastic nature, Ayous wood exhibits good control over close-to-table play.

Awan: It is used as an intermediate layer, in combination with a Kiri core.

Kiri: A lightweight but stiff type of wood that controls the vibration of a blade. It is a popular choice as a core Vanier. 

The use of STIGA’s crystal technology hardens the outer surface of the blade. It has two effects. It enhances the sweet spot to build more consistency in your game and also the higher stiffness induces more speed when hitting a ball.


The blade is pasted with 2.0 mm thick “STIGA Premium” rubbers. While this rubber is very little known, the good thing is that it is approved by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF).

The rubber uses the innovative Nano Composite Technology that gives stronger, tighter bonds in its top sheets which in turn results in more speed and spin.

Also, the incorporation of ACS technology by inducing microscopic air capsules in the rubber balances speed with control.


STIGA Evolution is designed with the popular flared (FL) type handle incorporated with WRB, a hollow handle technology.

W = Weight balance

R= Rate of recovery

B= Ball sensitivity

The FL handle consists of a hollow portion to shift weight toward the head of the racket. This makes the racket lightweight but also the handle vibrates more. I personally don’t like this special feature. You get more feel due to the increased amount of vibrations but it doesn’t give you the crisp solid feel.

Due to the head-heavy balance, the sweet spot gets towards the racket head which is helpful to add more punch to your shots


Performance of stiga evolution table tennis racket

The manufacturer’s rating of the STIGA Evolution shows that it is equally good in all three performance attributes, i.e. speed, spin, and control which is the sign of an all-rounder racket.

Though it is rated 96/100, the racket is fast, but not super fast. It has the speed that falls between the STIGA Titan and Pro Carbon. 

The rubber feels sticky and spins great. The brushing action of the lighter paddle makes your spinny serves more difficult for your opponent to counter.

Control is the area where the racket excels. That’s why the Evolution plays great for defensive shots like blocking and chopping.

The lightweight racket improves the rate of recovery after each stroke so that players get into the ready position more quickly to react to incoming shots. This is very helpful for close-to-the-table play to angle the ball away from your opponent.


It is not too costly. The price of $50 matches exactly with its performance and tells for which it is crafted. It is for advanced beginners and pre-intermediate players, the need of whom lies between a $35 beginner’s paddle and a $70 advanced racket.

Positives of STIGA Evolution

  • High-quality construction
  • Excellent Control
  • Good spin
  • Great for close-to-table play
  • Great for allrounders
  • Brand reputation
  • ITTF approved rubber

Negatives of STIGA Evolution

  • Not suitable for aggressive players
  • The head-heavy balance is not suitable for beginners


The best alternative is the Palio Mater 3.0. It’s an all-wood table tennis racket with a perfect balance of speed, spin, and control to build up your all-round skills.

If you are more inclined towards spin, the Killerspin Jet 600 is another good option with a slightly more aggressive nature. 

Conclusion: Is STIGA Evolution a Game Changer?

The main focus of STIGA Evolution is high control which is the most desired attribute for developing players. The all-wood blade and 2.0 mm soft sponge make it easier to keep the ball on the table consistently.

This racket is not for pro players. STIGA Evolution is a very good option for those advanced beginners and pre-intermediates who need a good quality balanced racket with extreme control.

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