JOOLA Inside 25 Vs Signature Pro: Which is Better for You?

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JOOLA Inside 25 and Signature Pro are high-quality 25 mm ping pong tables for an excellent playing experience. Though in terms of bounce quality, both are exactly the same, there are significant differences in operational features, like portability, transportation, compactness, and assembly procedures. 

So which one is better for you? This article “JOOLA Inside 25 Vs Signature Pro” presents a comparative analysis between JOOLA’s two top table tennis tables so that you can choose the suitable one as per your requirements.

Joola inside 25 table tennis table
Joola Signature Pro table tennis table

JOOLA Inside 25 Vs Signature Pro: Similarities

  • The Inside 25 and Signature Pro are standard-size tournament-level table tennis tables 
  • Both have the same 25 mm blue MDF tabletops
  • Frame thickness and wheel diameter are the same for both of them
  • The undercarriage structure is made with powder-coated steel
  • The facility of the playback system and height adjusters are present in both models

JOOLA Inside 25 Vs Signature Pro: Differences

  • While JOOLA Inside 25 uses a dual-trolley system, the Signature Pro has a single trolley. This is the main difference between the two high-quality ping pong tables.
  • In Inside 25, there are 8 lockable wheels, while the other one has 4 lockable caster wheels.
  • The net system in the Inside 25 is screw-on type, while in the Signature Pro, it is clamp style
  • The assembly procedure in the Inside 25 is more convenient than the Signature Pro.
  • JOOLA Inside 25 requires less storage space compared to the Signature Pro
  • Due to its one-piece type design, the Signature Pro is more stable and easy to move and align.
  • The Signature Pro is slightly heavier (268 lbs) than the Inside 25 weighing 238 lbs.
  • JOOLA Signature Pro has arrangements of ball holders and score counters, which are absent in the Inside 25.

JOOLA Inside 25 Vs Signature Pro: Comparative Analysis

Similar Tabletop Technology

Both tabletops are made with MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) and are 25 mm thick for true and accurate ball bounce. The blue top is smooth and painted with polyurethane multilayer roller coating which ensures the quality of bounce.

A sturdy powder-coated steel frame supports the heavy tabletops to prevent them from sagging for years.

Different Undercarriage Structures

The rollaway type Signature Pro uses a single trolly to take the load of the table. It has sturdy 60 mm square metal legs attached with leg levelers at the bottom. It is easily foldable, and the single-unit system makes it portable to move and store with the help of four 4” caster wheels.

In contrast, the JOOLA Inside 25 has 50 x 40 mm steel legs with height adjusters. Each trolley has 4 wheels (4”). The nested table haves are more compact and take less space for storage.

In terms of safety, both are equally good. The lockable wheels and anti-tilting safety devices keep the table safe during folded and open conditions.

Other Features

The assembly of the new JOOLA Inside takes no effort. Only the attachment of the legs with the pre-assembled table is needed to make it ready to play. Whereas, the assembly of the Signature Pro takes 1-2 hours. You may need to hire 1-2 people to complete the set-up by following the instruction manual. 

The screw-on net used in JOOLA 25 maintains accurate net height whereas the clamp-style net of the Signature Pro is easier to attach and detach.

The playback mode is available in both tables. This is beneficial when you have no playing partner.

The Signature Pro has the edge for having ball holders and score counters. Ball holders consist of an easy storing and disposal system which is useful when you are playing for fun and excitement.

Final Verdict

If you want to accommodate your table tennis table for a definite place, i.e. in your room or office and it is unlikely to move it from one place to another, the JOOLA Inside 25 is a better choice. It is also more manageable to store and gives you relief from the headache for the first time assembly.

If you want a more portable one-unit solution to easily move around your table to different locations, go for the Signature Pro. It also comes with corner ball holders which are great for recreational play.

Nevertheless, both are good choices for a high-quality regulation-size ping pong table to use in homes, offices, and clubs.

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