JOOLA Rally TL 500 (United Pro 18) Review

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JOOLA Rally TL 500, also known as JOOLA United Pro 18, is an 18 mm indoor ping pong table with good supportive features and some additional facilities. An 18 mm table keeps the perfect balance for a healthy price-performance ratio, where the Rally TL 500 adds more value with the quality and strength of structural configurations.

JOOLA Rally TL 500 (United Pro 18) ping pong table
Quality of Tabletop3.9/5
Strength of Undercarriage4.5/5
Extra Features4.9/5
Value for Money4.9/5

JOOLA Rally TL 500/ United Pro 18 Ping Pong Table Review


Play Dimensions9 ft x 5 ft x 2.5 ft
Tabletop Thickness18 mm
Tabletop MaterialMedium Density Fiberboard
Frame Thickness1.5 inches (40 mm)
Frame MaterialSteel
Leg Size1.5” x 1.5” (40 x 40 mm)
Leg MaterialSteel
Wheel Diameter3 inches
Number of Wheels8
Net SystemClamp style
Height AdjusterYes
Racket & Ball HolderYes
Weight187 lbs
ColorCharcoal/ White
Price$599.95 on Megaspin

Tabletop Technology

Like all other JOOLA models, the Rally TL 500 consists of two equal 18 mm thick table halves. The charcoal color MDF surface consists of multilayer coatings with silkscreen printed outer playing surface to ensure smoothness and uniformity.

Though an 18 mm top is not as good as a 25 mm tabletop, it offers good enough bounce for recreational play and beginner-level practice at home.


Each tabletop sits on strong 40 x 40 mm powder-coated steel legs, supported by 40 x 20 mm sturdy warp-resistant steel metal frames. For a 187-pound ping pong table, this is an excellent supportive arrangement that enhances longevity and keeps the tabletop flat for years to come.

The JOOLA Rally TL 500 (United Pro 18) is very compact and foldable. The auto-foldable legs restrict you from manual actions.

At the end of each leg, there is a 1.5” leg leveler which can be rotated manually in clockwise or anticlockwise directions to set the perfect alignment on an uneven surface.

Each trolley can be glided with the help of attached 3” caster wheels. Each wheel can be locked to give stability in play or storage conditions. Also, the presence of anti-tilting devices is great for safety when the table is in folded condition.

The table comes with a standard clamp-style net and posts with tensioning arrangements which is easy to set up within minutes.

Additional features

The JOOLA Rally TL 500/ United Pro 18 comes almost in preassembled condition. The new table can be set for play within a short time after some bolting work for the attachment of legs.

Playback mode of the JOOLA United Pro 18 (Rally TL 500)
Playback Mode

Another advantageous feature is that the TL 500 supports the playckback mode which is good to keep you engaged with ping pong when you are alone.

The main attractive feature that separates it from other models is the inclusion of ball holders. The table has a ball holder at each corner for storage and disposal of balls. Each can hold a maximum of 3 balls. This is a great feature to keep you busy with table tennis without the headache of collecting balls from here and there.

Also, the magnetic abacus-style scoreboard at each end helps for counting points during a match.

Positives of the JOOLA Rally TL 500/ United Pro 18

  • Stylish and attractive
  • Sturdy rustproof undercarriage
  • A minimum storage place is required due to its foldable compact nature
  • Minimum assembly time to set up the table (approx. 20 minutes)
  • Auto-foldable legs get the folding and unfolding works simplified
  • The provision of ball holders is a great addition to recreational play
  • The inclusion of score counters helps you not to be distracted during play
  • Affordable quality solution for use in homes.
  • Great value for money

Negatives of the JOOLA Rally TL 500/ United Pro 18

  • Not for use in tournaments
  • Not suitable for professionals
  • 4” wheels would be advantageous for smoother movement


The Rally TL 500, an 18 mm ping pong table with a strong supportive structure is ideal for home use and provides a good balance of price, portability, and performance. The extra arrangement of ball holders and magnetic scoreboards adds more value to this fascinating charcoal/ white indoor table tennis table.

STIGA Advantage Pro and JOOLA Tour 1800 are some good alternatives without the facility of ball holders.

For recreational use in homes at a lower price segment, you may go through my article, “Top 6 Best Ping Pong Tables Under $500”.

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